Add Nyan Cat Progress Bar in Windows 7

Nyan Cat or Pop Tart Cat is an internet meme (of a flying cat with cherry pop tart body) which has taken the internet by storm in the last few months. The original animation of the Nyan Cat was designed by Chris Torres in April 2011. Since then many people have come up with various creative ideas for the popular cat, the latest being a Nyan Cat progress bar for Windows 7. This cute looking progress bar replaces the usual Windows progress bar with the Nyan Cat progress bar. Here is how :

Nyan Cat Progress Bar for Windows 7

  1. Download the Nyan Cat progress bar from
  2. Extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder on your hard disk. You would find NyanCatProgressBar.exe in the extracted contents as shown.

    Nyan Cat Progress Bar for Windows 7

  3. Double-click on this NyanCatProgressBar.exe to run it. You would see a Nyan Cat icon in the notification area showing that it is running. Now if you do something in Windows that shows a progress bar (like copying or deleting files), the regular progress bar of Windows 7 gets replaced by the Nyan Cat progress bar and you hear the “Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!” song being played in the background.
  4. If you do not like the Nyan song being played, then you can silence the cat from the notification area. Just right-click on the Nyan Cat icon in the notification area and choose Silence! as shown.

    Nyan Cat Progress Bar for Windows 7

  5. You can also open the NyanCat options from the notification area by right-clicking on its icon and selecting Settings. In the settings window, you can set to start Nyan Cat Progress Bar at Windows startup, enable or disable it, select the volume of the Nyan song etc.

    Nyan Cat Progress Bar for Windows 7

  6. If later you want to close the Nyan Cat Progress bar, then just close the program by right-clicking on its notification area icon and selecting Exit.

This progress bar is cute and makes working with copy pasting work in Windows more fun and exciting. Everytime you copy something, it puts a smile on your face to see the cute little cat flying in a rainbow. So go ahead and add some fun to your Windows 7 computer by inviting the Nyan Cat to your desktop.

  • diego

    is fail the link not survey

    • Just checked the link, it is working.