Show Home Button in Opera 11 Toolbar

Opera has changed its interface in the latest version 11 of the browser. The new version 11 no longer shows the usual home button on the toolbar. So you are left with the only way of pressing Alt + Home keyboard combination to open the homepage in the Opera browser. But if you want, then you can still add the Home button in the Opera 11 toolbar. Here is how :

  1. Run the Opera browser. Right-click on the Opera toolbar (right to the tabs) and select Customize → Appearance as shown.

    Add home button in Opera 11

  2. In the window that opens, click on the Buttons tab to select it. Then select the Browser category from the left-side list as shown.

    Add home button in Opera 11

  3. Click on the home button and drag it to the Opera toolbar wherever you want to add the home button. Usually you place the home button to the left side of the location bar, but you can place it anywhere you want.

    Add home button in Opera 11

  4. That’s it. You have added the home button to the Opera browser’s toolbar. Now you can close the Apperance window.

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