Cloud Save : Save Online Items Directly to Cloud Storage in Chrome

Today we have tons of cloud storage services available like Google Drive, Skydrive, Wuala, etc. These services are great for backing up the files on your hard disk to cloud storage as well as syncing them. But what if you want to backup an online item (like an image, PDF file, ZIP file etc. available on a site) to cloud storage? One way is to download these file to your hard disk and then back them up by uploading them to your favorite cloud service. But this is a long and tedious method and might take a long time. Fortunately there is an extension called Cloud Save for Chrome browser, that lets you backup a file directly to your cloud storage service without any need of downloading them first.

Cloud Save is an extension for Google Chrome which lets you right-click on any item on any website and send it to many of the supported cloud services. It supports many cloud services like Google Drive, Skydrive,, Amazon cloud,, CloudApp, Dropbox etc. Cloud Save makes it very easy to send any online item to your preferred cloud storage. All you have to do is just right-click on a link, image or video etc. and choose to send it to a cloud service.

You can download and install this extension from the Google Chrome webstore. After the installation, its ready to be used. Open a webpage and decide what you want to upload to your cloud storage service. You can save anything from images, audio, video to documents and more (in short all the downloadable items). To save an item to your cloud storage, just right-click on that item and select Cloud Save from the right-click menu and then choose a cloud service.

Cloud Save : Save Online Items Directly to Cloud Storage

This would take you to that cloud service login webpage. Some services like Google Drive require you to give access the Cloud Save extension. After these steps have been taken, your selected file would be uploaded to the selected cloud service. You would see a progress bar in the bottom-right corner of your Chrome browser.

Cloud Save : Save Online Items Directly to Cloud Storage

Cloud Save does not have much in the options page – just a beta feature to upload local hard disk files to cloud storage. But the real strength of Cloud Save addon is the ease with which it lets you upload almost anything on a webpage to your cloud storage service. It can save your valuable time and internet bandwidth by elminating the step of downloading files before uploading them to your cloud storage service. You can download and install this extension from

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