Fixing “Type Password to Decrypt Storage” Error in Android

After updating one of my smart phones from Android Kitkat to Android Lollipop, I found myself in a very strange situation when I first rebooted the phone. It was asking me to “type password to decrypt storage” and was not letting skip this step. I was both baffled and surprised at seeing this as I had never set any sort of password on that smart phone. I tried entering some of the usual passwords that I use, thinking that perhaps I had set a password and then forgot. I even called the service center for the mobile phone manufacturer but ended up wasting more than 30 minutes in just waiting.

Type Password to Decrypt Storage in Android

After all this struggle and hassle, I finally figured out a way to take care of this annoying problem. Apparently the new version of Lollipop was trying to use the user storage from the older Kitkat version and was asking for a password after failing to access it. So the only solution is to wipe the user data from your Android storage.

In order to wipe the user data or factory reset the phone, you will have to reboot into recovery and then perform the factory reset. Here is how:

  1. Open the back cover of your smart phone and remove the battery. This will power off the device. Now put the battery back in and close the cover.
  2. Now you have to press the key combination to access the recovery mode. This differs for all the different mobile phones. In some phones it is Vol Up + Power or Vol Down + Power while in others it could be Vol Up + Vol Down + Power. You have to check your device manual, google it or ask on xda-forums about this. These key combination will boot your phone into the recovery mode.
  3. Once you are inside the recovery mode, choose the option to wipe data/factory reset. This option shall delete all if your user data including the installed apps, personalized settings and added Google accounts.Type Password to Decrypt Storage in Android
  4. After the data wiping is finished, choose the reboot system now option from the recovery to boot into the normal mode and access Android OS without any errors.

Conclusion: When upgrading to a newer version of Android OS, you might encounter encrypted or corrupt storage error in your smart phone. This error can easily be fixed by complete factory reset of the device.

40 thoughts on “Fixing “Type Password to Decrypt Storage” Error in Android

  1. yes it happened to me on my edge 7 before you try to take battery off donr it will end your warranty if you have a samsung account on your phone go on samsung website find my moblie and log in your account from your you can change the you want to sigin in on your phone you can change the way you want to sign in on your phone you can use the id pasword you know on your samsung account next time you power your phone it will change or there is another way if you get your password wrong so many times it change to the way factory reset but that will delete any thing you have on your phone when you get on your phone change the settings to you dont need anything to turn it on

    1. Did u got any solution?? Yestarday my set also showed the same message.and i could not find any solution. Plz hlp if u got any soln ..

  2. i have also same issue….i tried many time above steps but its showing same error…..Type password to decrypt storage….

  3. i am facing the same problem and i am using c1904 xperia m …shows type password to decrypt storage

    1. Did u got any solution?? Yestarday my set also showed the same
      message.and i could not find any solution. Plz hlp if u got any soln.

  4. Hello,

    Problem is :-

    “type password to decrypt storage”

    I am using Sony Xperia M C1904 single sim, today morning the phone is getting a lot of error message by stopping all the application in my phone, the eroor message be like this : “unfortunately ‘appname’ stopped” then after few minutes the phone is automatically shut down and while i restart the phone asking me to input password to decry[pt the storage what should i do i never set any password for encryption in this phone so please give me a way to getting rid of this message, rooting a phone may be a hard call ? in this situation because rooting failure will completely ruin my phone. So i would like to know whether there is any other option to solve this decrypt issue ? please

    1. Looks like your phone’s user data partition has become corrupt. You should backup everything and reset the phone. If possible, re-flash the original ROM (you need original ROM file and the flashing tools).

      1. how should i get those files ? if i connect my phone to PC companion then immediately it goes disconnected .. while repairing my phone what is the solution for that ?

      1. not ready yet… still in the same situation… i jus wan to know what kind of application i mean 3rd party app is locked the mother board …..

    1. Could you please tell me how to fix this issue ? Explain the above mentioned subject please, I am waiting for your reply

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