How to Delete Google Activity History Completely

In order to improve their services, Google saves some of your online activity on their servers. For example, they might save your Youtube watching history, Youtube search history, Android app use history, audio and voice use history for Android voice search, and the Android device information. All this history can be viewed by you using a new feature from Google called My Activity. Here you can see all if your activity history associated with your Google account – categorized by the types and listed chronologically. Although this activity history is visible only to you, you can still delete some or all of it very easily. Here is how:

  1. Visit the Google My Activity webpage at
  2. After signing in to your Google account, click on the hamburger icon (three horizontal lines) near the top-left corner to pull down the menu.Google My Activity
  3. Select Delete activity by from the menu that is shown. By default it displays a screen where you can select the activity “by date”, but there are other filters also available.Google My Activity
  4. Select a range of dates for which you want to delete the activity. To completely remove everything, you should select All time from the drop-down list. Then click on the Delete button.Google My Activity
  5. A final confirmation is displayed showing you which items are going to be deleted. Click on the Delete button one more time to finally delete everything.Google My Activity

This way you can manage to remove all of your Google activity permanently from the Google servers. Even though Google has made this new feature available for everyone’s use, it is really not necessary to delete your Google activity. You can keep the activity history to make search engines, apps, and other things much more personalized to your online habits.

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