How to Disable SSL 3.0 in Microsoft Internet Explorer

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The recent discovery of the “Poodle” vulnerability in the decades old implementation of the SSL 3.0 cryptographic protocol has taken the security researchers by surprise. The SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol is used for transferring the data between your web browser and the web servers securely over an encrypted connection. Usually such encrypted connections are used for sensitive information like login passwords, online banking, funds transfer etc. Due to the “Poodle” vulnerability in the SSL 3.0, if you use SSL 3.0 for encryption Continue reading

Sanitize Free Space in Android Smartphone with Secure Wipe

Secure Wipe for Android

Even if you have deleted the files on your Android smartphone, they can be easily recovered by attaching the phone to a Windows computer and running a tool like Recuva. One of the ways to prevent the file recovery is to securely erase the files using an app like Remo File Eraser that overwrites the files with random data before deleting them. But what about the files that you have already deleted? In order to securely overwrite the already deleted files from Continue reading

Use Google Authenticator App for Signing in to Google Accounts

Google Authenticator

Google is serious about the security of your Google accounts be it Gmail, Youtube, Google Plus or dozens of other services offered by the Internet giant. They have been offering and recommending the two-step verification for signing in to your Google accounts which requires both the traditional username and password as well as a code sent to your registered mobile phone. Recently that have also added the use of U2F security keys which must be plugged into your computer for the Continue reading

How to Modify Headers in Mozilla Firefox

Modify Headers for Firefox

When you visit a website, your web browser sends some information about your web browser and operating system in order for the web server to send the relevant information. For example, if you visit a website using your mobile device (like your smart phone), then it will tell the web server about your using a mobile web browser and then the web server will send the mobile version of the website automatically. Similarly, on a Windows PC, you would see the Continue reading

Cr!ptAES : Free Portable Encryption Tool for Windows

Cr!ptAES Encryption Tool

If you have secret documents that are meant only for your eyes, then you should better encrypt them using a good encryption cipher like AES. You can use many of the encryption tools we have mentioned on before like AXCrypt for this, but all these tools need to be installed on your Windows PC. If you want a portable and effective tool, then you can use the free Cr!ptAES program. It works on Windows and offers many strong encryption ciphers Continue reading

WiFi Inspector for Android : See Who is Connected to Your WiFi Network

WiFi Inspector for Android

Usually when you have to find out who else is using your WiFi network, then you have to login to the web interface of your WiFi router by entering the gateway IP address (like or in the web browser address bar and supplying the login credentials. In the web interface, you can check the users under WiFi statistics or similar sections. But not everyone wants to go through the web interface of the WiFi router, neither do they have access Continue reading

How to Generate App Passwords for Microsoft Account

Microsoft App Passwords

After you have enabled the two-step verification for your Microsoft account (,,,, etc.), the apps that use the standard username and password fail to work as they do not support the new two-step verification system. Some of these apps include Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook app in Android, Xbox 360 etc. Fortunately, Microsoft allows you to generate app passwords for your Microsoft account that can be used in place of passwords in various apps. For each of the Continue reading

Boost Security with Microsoft Account App

Microsoft Account App

Outlook ( is flagship free email service from Microsoft. You can use it in the web-mail format or use it through an email client on your PC or smartphone. In order to prevent a hacker from breaking into your account, you can set up the two-step verification security in your Microsoft account. But if you want to go one step further in boosting your account security, then you can make use of the Microsoft Account app. This app is used to identify Continue reading

Enable Adaptive Screen Brightness in Windows 10

Windows 10 Adapative Screen Brightness

Sometimes I like to work on my notebook while sitting in the dark and drinking a strong cup of coffee. I have to manually adjust the screen brightness to suit the ambient light in the room. If it is a little darker in the room, then the screen brightness has to be increased and if the room is well lit, then the screen does not have to be so bright. But if you have ambient light sensor in your notebook computer, then you Continue reading

How to Revoke the Generated App Passwords in Google Account

Revoke Google App Passwords

Generating app passwords in your Google account gives you a quick workaround for older applications that cannot make use of the new 2-step verification system during the sign-in process. For example, you can generate an app password for using Gmail in the Thunderbird email client while still protecting your Google account with the 2-step verification security. You can generate as many passwords as you want for this. But after you no longer use these app passwords, it is a good idea to Continue reading