Instantly Clean Chrome Browser with SingleClick Cleaner App

Chrome SingleClick Cleaner

The Google Chrome browser is certainly has become the most popular not only for the Android users, but also for the desktop PC owners. It is fast, secure, highly customizable both for an ordinary user and the advanced users alike. But like any other web browser, it may start showing a little sluggishness after continued use of a few months and that’s when you have to clean the browser cache to make it faster in response once again. You can use the tools Continue reading

Temple Shows Details of Attached USB Devices in Windows

Temple USB Utility

Back in the 90’s, an average user had to worry about all sorts of ports in their computer – printer port, SCSI port, PS/2 port and so on. Every device had its own special port and if you have two devices that use same type of port, then you could not connect them both at the same time. Thanks to the USB technology, we are living in much easier times. Now most of the devices support USB ports and you can connect them Continue reading

NeoSetup Installs Popular Software in Windows


After buying a new Windows PC, installing or reinstalling Windows operating system on your computer, the first thing everyone does is install third party software. For example, I personally install Google Chrome web browser, avast! antivirus, Mozilla Thunderbird email client, 7-Zip archiving utility and so on. But installing all these programs requires visiting many different websites, downloading the software and installing them one-by-one. This can consume many hours of your time wasted in just installing all this software. Instead of Continue reading

Bitdefender Anti-CryptoWall Protects from CryptoWall Ransomware

Bitdefender Anti-CryptoWall

Ransomware is a special type of malware that encrypts the files on the infected PC and then demands you a ransom in return of decrypting the files. Although the concept of ransomware is nothing new, but there is a sudden rise in ransomeware infections in the past few years. Security researchers have recently discovered a new ransomware called CryptoWall that demands $500 as the ransom. In order to prevent your files from getting infected and encrypted by the CryptoWall, you can use the free Continue reading

SimpleDLNA is Easy to Use Media Server for Windows


When you look for media server software on the internet, you often will find large software suites with many features you do not even need. Such media servers are difficult to configure, but they also consume a lot of your system resources. More often, the Windows users are looking for a simple DLNA based media server that they can use to watch some videos on their television screen or share the videos over they mobile devices. In that case, the Continue reading

Easily Stream Media with Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server

If you have your video collection on your Windows PC but want to enjoy it on other devices like your Android smart phone, iPhone or your television set, then you do not have to physically copy all the media files on a disk and attach it to the target device. You can actually use a media server to make all of your locally stored media (including videos and audio files) available to every single device on your WiFi network. The Continue reading

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool Fixes Infected Non-bootable Systems

Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

If your Windows PC has become so infected that you cannot really run any programs, install anti-malware software or even boot into Windows, then you need Norton Bootable Recovery Tool. This software from the security solutions giant Symantec, gives you options to boot into your Windows PC using a bootable USB or DVD media, remove the malware and fix the infected system so that you can use it normally once again. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool contains Norton Antivirus engine and the latest virus definitions, so Continue reading

How to Copy All the Links on Any Webpage in Firefox

Copy All Links

If you often visit download sites and the download pages of some of the software developer sites (for example, the download page for, then you face the problem of going through dozens if not hundreds of links hidden inside the texts. You can either manually go through the forums or webpages and scour through the text to find all the links or you can use the free Copy All Links add-on for Firefox to do this automatically for you. Continue reading

PDF Eraser : Erase, Add and Edit Image or Texts in PDF Files

PDF Eraser

PDF documents are the number one choice for transferring the scanned documents over the internet. PDF documents look exactly the same no matter on which computer you open them, as they are platform independent files. They are supported by all the printers – you can scan and convert paper documents into PDF files and print the PDF documents directly from the USB flash key. With so many advantages of PDF documents comes a little drawback – they cannot be easily edited. For editing a Continue reading

Keeper is Highly Secure Password Manager for Android

Keeper Password Generator

Like everyone else these days if you also have dozens of online accounts ranging from email accounts, social network media, cloud storage accounts to online banking accounts and more, then you need a password manager to help you remember all these accounts and their login passwords. Keeper is a free password manager app for Android devices that can store your account credentials in highly secure and encrypted online storage. You can store your files in there too, so it can also Continue reading