DP4 Font Viewer Allows Easy Font Management in Windows

DP4 Font Viewer for Windows

There are thousands of websites on the internet where you can find beautiful fonts of all types for all your projects. The websites like FontPalace that offer hundreds of thousands of free as well as commercial fonts. But while you install so many fonts on your Windows PC, it becomes a problem to manage them – remove the ones that we no longer need and install new ones. The inbuilt Windows Font Viewer tool does not offer much except to Continue reading

NQ Mobile Vault : Password Protect Messages, Contacts, Pictures and Videos in Android

NQ Mobile Vault for Android

The first thing my co-worker Stacy does when she comes to my place is to pick up my Android smartphone and look at all the messages, contacts and so on. This is very annoying and painful to see someone go through your personal messages without your permission. Some of these messages are usually from my bank and can easily reveal financial information like my bank account or bank balance. I have told her not to do this, but to no avail. So I figured, if she Continue reading

Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner Checks Android for Vulnerabilities

Kaspersky Fake ID Scanner

As  the mobile platforms are getting more and more popular, they are also attracting the vicious attention of the cyber criminals. As a result, we are seeing an increased number of new malware being targeted towards smartphone users. If you are an Android user, then you should also be well prepared to defend against the new rise of malicious attacks on the Android devices. The first layer of defense can be protecting your Android OS against the known vulnerabilities like the Fake Continue reading

SD Formatter Can Format All Types of SD Memory Cards

SD Formatter

Formatting your SD memory card using the format tools that come with an operating system can reduce its performance. And if you do not choose the correct file system type, then that memory card can also become unrecognizable in many of the smartphones and cameras. The only sure way to get one hundred percent out of your memory cards is to format them with the SD Formatter tool. This software is specialized in formatting only the SD memory cards and does Continue reading

How to Automatically Upload Pictures & Videos from Camera to Dropbox

Dropbox Auto-Upload Camera Pictures

If you are using your smartphone camera for taking pictures and videos then you can configure Dropbox app to automatically upload the taken pictures to the cloud servers. But it becomes a problem in digital cameras as most of them do not have any internet connectivity. But you can configure the Dropbox application in Windows to automatically upload the pictures and videos from your digital camera to your cloud account as son as you attach it to your Windows PC through Continue reading

Google Software Removal Tool Removes Unwanted Programs

Google Software Removal Tool

If you observe that your Chrome browser is opening sites very slowly, you see popups opening randomly, find new toolbars or startup pages that were not set by you, or in general it is behaving in a suspicious manner, then the most possible cause is that either you are infected by malware or some other potentially unwanted program (PUP) is running on your system. The PUPs usually piggyback on the setup installers of legitimate software, therefore they may slip under your radar unnoticed. Some of Continue reading

How to Connect Wireless Printers in Windows 8 / 8.1

Connect Wireless Printers in Windows 8 with WiFi Direct

Windows 8.1 has brought many improvements regarding how it interacts with peripherals and other hardware. For example, it incorporates the new WiFi Direct technology using which two WiFi enabled devices can connect with each other. WiFi Direct can be used to connect your Windows 8 PC with printers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other wireless devices if they support WiFi Direct. Since WiFi Direct feature is relatively new, not many devices support it completely. If your printer supports WiFi Direct, Continue reading

Cloudfogger : Encrypt & Protect Your Cloud Storage Data


Recently hundreds of the Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton fell prey to the hacking of the cloud storage services they were using. The hackers stole thousands of compromising pictures of these ladies and posted them online. This rings an alarm to everyone who is in the habit of storing their important documents, pictures and videos over the cloud storage services. But there is nothing to worry about if you are encrypting the files in your cloud storage. The free Cloudfogger Continue reading

How to Access Windows 8 Files Over WiFi in Android

Access Windows Files over Wifi on Android

You can access your Windows desktop on your Android smartphone using the Remote desktop feature. But that means that you have to access the files through the Windows GUI and not all the smartphones can do this smoothly. Instead of using the remote desktop feature, you can access your files stored on your Windows PC through the file sharing feature. For this, you have to enable the file sharing in Windows, share one or more folders in Windows and then you can access these Continue reading

How to Check if Your Google Account is Listed in Sept. 2014 Hack Leak

Google Sept 2014 Account Credentials Leak

In a startling turn of events, an online forum based in Russia has dumped a huge list of about 5 million Google accounts along with their login credentials. While the person responsible for publishing this massive list is claiming that 60% of the username and password combinations are working, Google has categorically denied the passwords to be valid and that the list is not accurate. Google has made it public that only about 2% of the password might be valid and there are usual security measures to safeguard Continue reading