Configure Android Lollipop for the Color Blind

Android Lollipop Color Correction

It is not uncommon for some of us to have sight related problems like color blindness. If you have some sort of color problem in your eyes, then you can configure your Android Lollipop device to show the screen colors after making some adjustments so that you do not find any difficulty in reading what is displayed on the screen. There are three main types of color blindness – deuteranomaly (red-green), protanomaly (red-green) and tritanomaly (blue-yellow) – Android Lollipop covers them Continue reading

CryptaFlix Encrypts and Password Protects Video Files


If you take a walk in the smartphone showrooms today, you will be surprised at the quality of the camera modules that come with smartphones. Some of the manufacturers are offering cameras in their devices of as much as 18 mega pixels resolutions. With such high resolution camera, who can resist to capture pictures and make movies. Sometimes we even end up making movies of private nature that are intended only for your eyes and perhaps those of your life partner. If you also have such Continue reading

Block Lockscreen App Notifications in Android Lollipop

Lockscreen App Notifications in Androiddeem

Android Lollipop brings many new features for the convenience of the smartphone user. For example, it displays app notifications on the lock screen so that you can find out about the new notifications without actually having to unlock the phone. But this poses a little bit of the privacy problem as just about anyone can see these notifications without unlocking the phone. Besides you do not want the lock screen to be over populated with unwanted notifications from many of the less important apps. Continue reading

Phrozen Windows File Monitor : Observe File System Changes in Windows

Phrozen Windows File Monitor

When we search for some software needed for our special requirements on the internet, we sometimes download, install and try dozens of different programs before finally finding the one that fits our needs perfectly. For example, if you are looking for a program that can allow you to edit the Word DOC files, then you may have to try Libre Writer, Open Office Writer, Abiword, Kingsoft office etc., before deciding which one suits your needs. But during this experimenting, you may accidentally stumble Continue reading

Enable Pocket Mode in Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop Pocket Mode

When I expect an important call, I keep my phone very close to me and keep my ears tuned for the ringtone. In the home or office, it is relatively quiet and therefore it is hard to miss the incoming phone call. But when outdoors in crowded places or when using some public transit, you can easily miss the phone calls because of the loud surrounding noise suppressing the sound of the ringtone. Android Lollipop comes with a solution to Continue reading

Fix Corrupt & Damaged JPEG Pictures with JPEG Repair Shop

JPEG Repair Shop

USB flash drives have made life easy when it comes to storing files as they can be used everywhere – not only in the desktop and notebook computers, but also in printers and smartphones and tablets. But sometimes the files on the USB flash disk drives may get corrupt because you removed the disk drive from the computer too soon. I had a similar problem when the JPEG pictures I was trying to copy from my smartphone to my USB pen drive were getting Continue reading

Pocket Lock : Auto Lock Android Smartphone when in Pocket

Pocket Lock for Android

More and more smartphone manufacturers are bringing smart gesture based features to their products. In many of the new smartphones you can unlock and launch a particular app just by drawing a letter on the screen. In some of the phones, you can wave your hand over the proximity sensor to perform various actions. Now some of the phones are also coming with a feature that auto-locks the smartphone when you put it in your pocket. You can have this Continue reading

Protect Sensitive Files in Android Lollipop with Data Protection

Data Protection in Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop, the new version of the popular mobile operating system, has come up with many enhanced security and encryption features. It enforces encryption of the user data by default (this is why it takes a long time on the first boot) and also offers you to protect your sensitive files using a feature called Data Protection. With this feature you can choose any of the files either from the internal storage of your device or from the external SD card in Continue reading

Enable Multi-User Support in Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop Guest User

Android Lollipop has come up with multi-user support through which you can have multiple user accounts on any Android device along with a guest user account that has limited access to various features. While this is a really interesting and useful feature, it is not available in many of the Lollipop based smartphones simply because the manufacturer did not want to make this feature available to the customers. If you could not find the multi user support in your Android Lollipop device Continue reading

Switch to Guest User Account in Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop Guest User

One of the new features in the latest version of the Android Lollipop is the ability to add multiple users for the same smartphone or tablet. This way more than one person can use the same device without accessing each others data. This new feature makes Android a true multi-user operating system just Like Windows or Linux. And if you have protected your user account with a password, then other users won’t be able to access it either. Just like in Continue reading