Stop Typing and Write with Google Handwriting Input

Google Handwriting Input

Its a matter of great curiosity and amazement to see younger generations twiddle their thumbs on their smartphones and type so fast. I actually so a casual contest being held in a local park and one of the teenagers won the prize for typing 55 words per minute on the smartphone. I could never type as fast and I have always found it pretty annoying to type on the smartphone screen using that miniature keyboard. So when Google came up with Google Handwriting Input, I was delighted Continue reading

How to Remove Extensions Manually in Firefox

Remove Firefox Extensions Manually

Extensions are what make Firefox so flexible and powerful. Through the thousands of extensions available on Mozilla’s website, you can add new features and functionalities to this popular browser. Usually you go to the Mozilla’s add-ons website, search for the extensions and install them yourself. But sometimes when you are installing a Windows application, one or more extensions get installed into Firefox automatically. For example, avast antivirus installs extensions in Firefox during setup. Similarly, WordWeb, the popular dictionary software, also installs an Continue reading

How to Find Your Altitude Using Android Smartphone

GPS Test to find Altitude in Android

Last weekend, I ended up mingling with some of the craziest people in the world and joined them for an afternoon of cliff diving. We all climbed up a high cliff and started to jump into the calm lake below one by one. It was scary at first, but I enjoyed it so much in the end. When I was standing on the top of the cliff, I thought about how high I am from the ground. I soon figured out that Continue reading

Force Enable Zoom on Sites in Chrome for Android

Force Enable Zoom in Chrome

When visiting many of the websites on your smartphone, you cannot read the text properly because it is written in so small fonts. And those small fonts appear even smaller on the smartphone screen. Perhaps those websites would show up just fine on large desktop PC displays, but on the smartphone screen it just causes a headache when you try to read the text. As if this is not enough, some of the websites add special code that prevents them from being Continue reading

MiniTool Drive Copy Clones Partitions and Disks

MiniTool Drive Copy

Recently I decided to buy a new larger hard disk just because everyone is bragging about how large their hard disk is and I wanted to join in the conversation too. But I did not want to go through the ordeal of installing Windows all over again. Installing Windows is not so much of a painful experience, but after fresh installation configuring it to your taste, installing third party software, and various updates turns it into a nightmare. So I decided to Continue reading

Reason Core Security Protects PC from Threats

Reason Core Security

We have published about herdProtect on our website which is able to scan your system with more than 60 different antivirus engines in the cloud. The makers of the herdProtect have now come up with Reason Core Security which boasts of protecting your PC from all types of threats – malware, adware and potentially unwanted programs. It provides real time protection from such threats and prevents installation of the bundled software (the programs that come bundled in the software setup Continue reading

How to Fix Non-Working GPS in Android Phones

GPS Status and Toolbox for Android

Most of the smartphones these days come with GPS (global positioning system) which allows you to pin-point your geo-location on this planet. The GPS functions in conjunction with various satellites flying around the Earth. The GPS functions even when mobile signal  or the internet connection is not present. This is why it is very useful to have a GPS enabled smartphone when going out trekking on mountains or hiking in forests. But what if you find that GPS is not working once you Continue reading

Locate Lost Phone with Android Device Manager

Android Remote Location

Until now you had to install an anti-theft app in your Android smartphone so that you could locate it in the case of theft, or when you have lost it somewhere. Most of the anti-theft apps allow you to locate your device on the map, lock it, erase all the data on it, make it sound loud and so on. Now all these same things are available in Android itself and you no longer need any third party apps to locate your Continue reading

SileNet App for Android Auto-Silents Mobiles in Theaters

SileNet for Android

When you go to watch a movie in a theater, it is considered a common courtesy to stay silent and not disturb others as long as the movie is being shown. If you really must speak to someone, then you usually do it in very muffled voices. And putting your mobile phones to airplane mode, silent mode or switching it completely off is part of the aforementioned demeanor. But sometimes, we are so busy thinking about other matters that we totally forget to our Continue reading

Clear Local Search History in Google Playstore

Clear Local Search History in Playstore

As a proud owner of any Android based smartphone, you are entitled to unbridled access to millions of apps, books, games, movies and music on the Google Playstore. You can fire up Playstore app in your phone, search for any app, game, music, movie or book available there and enjoy them. Owing to the popularity of Android OS, chances are that whatever you search for is available on Playstore. But when you search for something on Playstore, the search term Continue reading