Enable Built-in Password Generation Feature in Google Chrome

Enable In-built Password Generator in Chrome

On the internet, all of your accounts are protected by just a password whether it is your online banking account, email account, FTP account, PayPal or some other account. If any of these credentials (username and passwords) get into the wrong hands, then you can imagine how much damage can be done to you by cyber-criminals on both the financial and personal levels. They can siphon out all the money from your bank accounts, sell your credit card information and misuse your personal Continue reading

How to Disable Windows 8 Mode for Chrome Browser

Google Chrome

The Windows 8 mode for the Google Chrome web browser runs Chrome as a Windows 8 app. The browser goes full screen, shows an app launcher, a shelf and allows you to use the web in a comfortable interface and without getting distracted by any Windows annoyances. While some users may like the Windows 8 mode very much, other may find it quite overwhelming. If you are one of those users who do not like to go full screen while surfing the web, Continue reading

How to Use Google Chrome in the Windows 8 Mode

Chrome Windows 8 Mode

If you are using Google Chrome browser in your Windows 8/8.1 PC, then it has two different modes to offer to you. The first mode called desktop mode is something that everyone is familiar with. The second mode is called Windows 8 mode in which Chrome acts like a Windows 8 app, takes up the whole screen and gives you a glimpse into the Chrome OS (if you have never used it before). You can use Google Chrome in the Windows Continue reading

How to Change Update Channels in Firefox Browser

Firefox Logo

Firefox is very popular among the netizens because of its features, security and the power it provides in the hands of the users to customize it through the use of thousands of extensions ans scripts. Since its inception around a decade ago, Firefox has come a long way and with the faster update cycles, it intends to go a long way too. Each of the major Firefox updates brings something new both in terms of the security features and the improved interface. If you do Continue reading

How to Keep Android Screen Turned on a Longer Time

Keep Android Screen On Longer

By default the Android screen stays on only for 30 seconds if you leave your smartphone untouched. It is sometimes very annoying when your Android device’s screen is automatically turned off after 30 seconds, especially when you are reading something on it. For example, you open a news website, find an interesting news article and start reading it – but while you are in the middle of the news article, your phone’s screen turns off! And every time it turns off, you have Continue reading

How to Turn off HTML 5 Video Player in YouTube

Toogle HTML5 Player in Youtube

If you visit YouTube everyday to watch your favorite videos, chances are that you are using the HTML 5 video player to play the videos. Some users of latest supported browsers are automatically entered in to the HTML 5 video player trial. HTML 5 is a new browser technology that allows YouTube to show videos without the Adobe Flash plugin. If you want to turn off HTML 5 video player, then you can do so easily using the following instructions. Continue reading

How to Edit the Hosts File in Android Smartphone

Hosts Editor for Android

The hosts file contains a database of all the domain names that you want to redirect to some IP address of your choice. This way you can either redirect or block any domain name on your computer as you wish. This file exists in all the popular operating systems like Windows, Linux and Mac. Since Android is based on the Linux operating system, it also has a hosts file and it can be used to block domain names or redirect them to some other sites. For editing Continue reading

How to Switch Between Google Chrome Browser Channels in Windows

Switch Chrome Browser Channels

All the mainstream web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are developed in various stages and you can use the browsers from any of these stages or channels. For example, the Firefox browsers are available in Nightly, Beta and Release versions. Similarly, the Google Chrome web browser is available from four channels – canary, dev, beta, stable. Usually when you download and install the Chrome browser, it is the stable version. Although available mainly for developers and beta-testers, the dev, canary and Continue reading

How to Disable Automatic Updates of Google Search Languages in Android

Disable Auto-Update for Google Search Languages

Google Search is now capable of understanding several languages at once in your Android smartphone. So now you can speak in Spanish or English at the same time and the speech recognition engine of Google Search will understand your voice and what you are saying without any problem. But for this to happen, you should install the offline speech recognition languages in the Google Search app. We have already written about how to install new offline speech recognition languages in Android. But if you leave Continue reading

How to Add Offline Speech Recognition Languages in Google Search for Android

Google Search - Download Offline Speech Recognition Languages

Google Search for Android allows you to search by just speaking to your Android smartphone. The way it works is when you speak something to it, it sends the voice data to the Google servers to recognize what you have said. Some of the Android smartphones (depending on the manufacturer) also come with an offline speech recognition language pre-installed. For example, my Samsung Galaxy phone came with US English pre-installed as the only offline speech recognition language. But if you want, then you Continue reading