F-Secure Freedome : Secure VPN Service for Android

F-Secure Freedome

Virtual Private Networking (or VPN in short) is often used to encrypt the data that is being transferred between your computer and the internet. It can also be used to hide your IP address from all the web sites that you access on the internet. F-Secure, one of the leaders in the field of computer security, has brought a new VPN service called F-Secure Freedome for all the Android smartphone users that both encrypts the data being transferred and hides your IP address. Unlike some other Continue reading

How to Enable and Use Forget Feature in Firefox

Forget Feature in Firefox

The latest version of Firefox has come up with even more privacy features. One of these new features is called “Forget”. This new forget feature lets you remove the online activity in your Firefox browser in the past five minutes to twenty four hours. This is basically a quick access tool to remove recent browsing history from the Firefox browser. It can be used to quickly get rid of the online activity that can lead to exposure of some of your personal Continue reading

ISO to USB : Create Bootable USB Disks from ISO Images


More and more operating system companies are making their operating system software in the ISO image formats. This is specially true for the Linux operating system, but Microsoft also lets you download the preview versions of Windows in the ISO image format. After downloading the ISO, you are supposed to the burn it on to a blank DVD disk. But if your computer does not have a DVD burner or if you do not want to spare a blank DVD Continue reading

DriverMax : Update and Backup Windows Device Drivers


Every now and then, the hardware manufacturers like NVidia and AMD keep releasing the updates latest drivers for their hardware like GPU (graphics processor) and sound cards. You can update these drivers manually by visiting the device manufacturer’s websites, but in order to keep always updated, you will have to use a third party software like DriverMax that can automatically download the latest version of device drivers for all kinds of hardware including the GPU, sound card, USB devices, hard disk drives Continue reading

JPEGSnoop Tells You If Pictures Have Been Edited


So someone emails you a picture of your husband swinging his arms around some other woman, what would you do? Would you immediately get enraged, call your husband and give him a piece of your mind? Or would you investigate the picture first? After all it could be a prank played on you by your best friend and may be not at the professional level, but these days almost everyone knows how to edit the pictures using Photoshop, GIMP or other Continue reading

How to Restart Firefox Browser Automatically After a Preset Time

Time Restart for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is considered one of the most secure and configurable web browser. This is why it is so popular is the first choice of the security experts. But it is a big memory hog and can quickly consume nearly one gigabyte of your system memory. If you have large physical memory (RAM) modules installed then you do not really have to worry about the memory consumption from Firefox. But if your computer has only 1 GB or 2 GB of RAM installed, then Continue reading

EVACopy : Free Backup Tool for Windows

EVACopy Backup Tool

In these days of new threats like ransomware, security experts are advising everyone to keep a regular backup of their files. Keeping a backup is the only solution to fend yourself against events that may cause accidental loss of your data – fire, storm, malware attack, hackers, hard disk failure and so on. While Windows itself comes with a backup feature of its own, you may find much easier to use tools like EVACopy to suit your needs. EVACopy has Continue reading

View Larger Images with Power Zoom for Chrome

Power Zoom for Chrome

When looking for the products on the online shopping websites, we all have to click five or six times before we are shown the full large scale image of the product – no matter which shopping site you are checking. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we did not have to click on those small thumbnails to view the larger version of the product images? The Power Zoom extension for the Chrome web browser addresses this question and allows you to view an Continue reading

Manage Windows Services with Synei Service Manager

Synei Service Manager

When you start your Windows computer, many of the programs are automatically started. Some of these programs are run in a special way and are called services. The Windows services are programs that run in the background and adhere to the fundamental rules laid out by the Windows service management infrastructure. Some of these services are essential for the working of a Windows PC, while others are never used. For example, a Bluetooth service automatically runs in every Windows PC Continue reading

How to Edit Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Saved Password Editor for Firefox

Like all the other web browsers, Mozilla Firefox also allows you to save the passwords in the browser for later use. This is a very useful feature if you have to sign in to some web based accounts on a regular basis. Firefox shows the password saving prompt when you enter the username and password on any login web page. For example, when you enter your username and password on the Yahoo! Mail webpage, you would quickly see the password saving Continue reading