Reason Core Security Protects PC from Threats

Reason Core Security

We have published about herdProtect on our website which is able to scan your system with more than 60 different antivirus engines in the cloud. The makers of the herdProtect have now come up with Reason Core Security which boasts of protecting your PC from all types of threats – malware, adware and potentially unwanted programs. It provides real time protection from such threats and prevents installation of the bundled software (the programs that come bundled in the software setup Continue reading

How to Fix Non-Working GPS in Android Phones

GPS Status and Toolbox for Android

Most of the smartphones these days come with GPS (global positioning system) which allows you to pin-point your geo-location on this planet. The GPS functions in conjunction with various satellites flying around the Earth. The GPS functions even when mobile signal  or the internet connection is not present. This is why it is very useful to have a GPS enabled smartphone when going out trekking on mountains or hiking in forests. But what if you find that GPS is not working once you Continue reading

Locate Lost Phone with Android Device Manager

Android Remote Location

Until now you had to install an anti-theft app in your Android smartphone so that you could locate it in the case of theft, or when you have lost it somewhere. Most of the anti-theft apps allow you to locate your device on the map, lock it, erase all the data on it, make it sound loud and so on. Now all these same things are available in Android itself and you no longer need any third party apps to locate your Continue reading

SileNet App for Android Auto-Silents Mobiles in Theaters

SileNet for Android

When you go to watch a movie in a theater, it is considered a common courtesy to stay silent and not disturb others as long as the movie is being shown. If you really must speak to someone, then you usually do it in very muffled voices. And putting your mobile phones to airplane mode, silent mode or switching it completely off is part of the aforementioned demeanor. But sometimes, we are so busy thinking about other matters that we totally forget to our Continue reading

Clear Local Search History in Google Playstore

Clear Local Search History in Playstore

As a proud owner of any Android based smartphone, you are entitled to unbridled access to millions of apps, books, games, movies and music on the Google Playstore. You can fire up Playstore app in your phone, search for any app, game, music, movie or book available there and enjoy them. Owing to the popularity of Android OS, chances are that whatever you search for is available on Playstore. But when you search for something on Playstore, the search term Continue reading

Fully Backup Android Lollipop Device with Online Nandroid Backup

Online Nandroid Backup

Android Lollipop has many security features that are being loved by the new users and experienced ones alike. One such new feature is the complete encryption of  user data partition in this version of Android so that no external process can access it. This makes it a little difficult to create a complete backup of your Android files using custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM. With these custom recoveries only the system partition can be backed up and the user data partition remains inaccessible. Continue reading

Google Trusted Voice : Unlock Android with Your Voice

Google Trusted Voice Android

Android Lollipop has a smart unlock feature that allows you to unlock your phone when a trusted bluetooth device comes in the vicinity of your Android smartphone. But now Google has added even more exciting features to the smart lock. One of the features called Trusted Voice allows you to unlock your Android phone through your voice. It is an extension of the “OK Google” voice recognition feature that already existed in Android for many years. But now you can actually say “OK Continue reading

Reduce the Size of SVG Files with SVGO


All the image files on your computer basically fall under two groups – raster images and vector images. Raster images are composed of small particles called pixels while the vector images are made up of paths of any shape like straight, curved, circular etc. Because of their different designs these files must be created and edited using different programs. Some examples of raster image formats are BMP, JPEG, GIF etc., while the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format is very popular for vector images. Continue reading

Hear Who is Calling You with Caller Name Speaker for Android

Caller Name Speaker for Android

Late at night when you are comfortably laid back in your couch or bed and enjoying the latest addition to your favorite writer’s novel series, you do not really want to get up and look on your phone’s screen to find out who is calling you at such a late an hour. If you have a life partner, then you can make him/her do the checking up for you. But some of us are single and do not really enjoy Continue reading

Remove Adware from Windows with Ultra Adware Killer

Ultra Adware Killer

We had earlier posted about Ultra Virus Killer software that can help you fix you malware infested system using a battery of many different tools. The creators of Ultra Virus Killer have now come up with Ultra Adware Killer which, as the name suggests, can remove all types of adware from your Windows PC. The software boasts of removing browser toolbars, add-ons, extensions, plugins, unsolicited search engine providers, hijacked home pages, and also potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). In addition, it can also Continue reading