EncryptOnClick is Easy File Encryption Utility for Windows


Everyone has those secret documents, pictures and videos that they do not want anyone else to see. Even after knowing the private nature of such documents, some people just create a folder having a name that looks like system folder (e.g., “Win”, “Driver” or “System64″) and copy all these sensitive files in these folders – thinking that the folder name will fool everyone – but this is obviously not enough. For protecting your sensitive files, you should use a data encryption tool like Continue reading

Installing Third Party Mouse Cursors in Windows

Install Third Party Mouse Cursors in Windows

If something that you look at your personal computer screen most of the time, it is the mouse cursor. You move the cursor around the screen using the mouse and your eyes follow the mouse cursor. Sometimes when the cursor gets assimilated with the screen background and you have to move the mouse around to find out where the cursor is. It is only natural to change the cursor image to something you like better, as this is the graphic that you are going Continue reading

How to Toggle Tab Menu in the Opera Browser

Toggle Tab Menu in Opera

Opera has revamped itself completely after adapting to the modern standard and deciding to use the Blink web engine (the same engine as used by Google Chrome). These changes have made Opera one of the dominant browsers once again. The new version of the Opera has come up with a new feature enabled by default called “Tab Menu”. Although this feature was already present in Opera for some time, now it is enabled by default in the latest version of the web browser. This could Continue reading

Ra is Impressive Text Editor for Chrome Browser

Ra Text Editor for Chrome

Ra was the ancient Egyptian Sun god who is highly revered in all the texts and manuscripts available of those times. In the Egyptian pyramids, he is sculpted as the Egyptian god carrying the Sun on his head along with a snake. But whenever I hear the word “Ra”, I always think of the ancient Egyptian Sun god Ra as depicted in the science fiction TV show Stargate SG-1. So when I read about a text editor named “Ra”, I got very excited, installed Continue reading

Sound on Click Extension Adds Clicking Sounds in Google Chrome

Sound on Click

Sometimes, when browsing through the amazing world of the internet websites the web browser takes a little time to fetch the content of a website. This is primarily because of the sluggish web servers on which a website is hosted. But thinking that the web page is not loading because we haven’t clicked on the link, we keep clicking on it again and again – trying to click firmer every time. This type of unnecessary clicking only shortens the life your mouse and Continue reading

View Places As They Looked Years Ago in Google Maps

Google Maps Time Travel

Whenever I watch the Back to the Future trilogy, I always muse over the possibility of time travel and if we would ever be able to go back in time. Imagine if we could go back in time and see New York of 1970’s with everyone walking in those bell bottom jeans or in 1910’s when hats were big in fashion both for men and women. Although full blown time travel in the past is not going to be possible in the near future Continue reading

How to Backup and Restore Chrome Bookmarks Manually

Google Chrome

Every six months I follow the ritual of re-installing or refreshing the Windows operating system on my computer in order to keep it clean and running smoothly. But before I do so, I backup everything useful specially the settings of Mozilla Thunderbird, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Performing a backup and restore of the Mozilla products’ settings is very easy using the free MozBackup tool, but when it comes to backup of Chrome browser, there is no decent tool available. Sure, Continue reading

HDD Raw Copy : Backup and Restore All Type of Disks

HDD Raw Copy

Notebooks these days are not coming with optical disk drives anymore as they are considered older technology. And the operating system companies like Microsoft and Ubuntu have adapted to this change by starting to provide the operating system on bootable USB pen drives. But these pen drives  do not last as long as the older CD/DVD storage used to. In order to safe guard your data on the USB pen drives containing costly software against accidental data corruption, you should create a Continue reading

How to Update Firmware of WD External Storage Drives

WD Firmware Updater

I have been using Western Digital hard disks for many many years as they are both cost effective and reliable when it comes to your data storage needs. Even though I have two 750 GB internal hard disks in my two desktop computers, my notebook computer came with only a 250 GB hard disk (Toshiba). So I ended up buying a new WD My Passport external storage drive with a capacity of 2 TB. It worked flawlessly in Windows and Mac computers, Continue reading

How to Completely Remove Firefox Marketplace Apps

Remove Firefox Marketplace Apps

Mozilla has started yet another feature called Firefox Marketplace that offers you thousands of apps of various kinds. These apps do not need depend on the Firefox web browser and run directly using the operating system API just like any other application. This can confuse many people as they think the apps would appear in Firefox web browser after being installed, but they do not show anywhere in the Firefox browser. Instead a shortcut to these apps is created on the Windows desktop through which you Continue reading