Plant Trees in Brazil for Free by using EcoLink in Firefox

EcoLink Plant Trees for Free

Brazil has a vast forest area – mostly the dense rain-forests fueled by the Amazon river. Almost 60% of the Amazon rain-forest is contained in the Brazil alone. May be this is why Brazil is said to generate a major portion of the oxygen supply needed to survive for us on this planet. But these forests are being cut down at an alarming rate to fulfill the ever growing requirements of the Brazil’s booming industrial economy. This is a reason for Continue reading

How to Disable Virtual Memory in Windows 10

Disable Virtual Memory

Virtual memory in Windows is a special file (called pagefile) that is used in place of the RAM (physical memory) when the RAM runs out of usable space. For example, if your computer has 4 GB of RAM and all of it is in use, then any further application you launch will use the virtual memory in place of the RAM. Virtual memory is obviously not as fast as the RAM, but it can prevent program crashes when all of Continue reading

How to Disable Enhanced New Tab Tiles in Firefox Browser

Firefox New Enhanched Tiles

The new version of Firefox (version 33.1.1 to be exact) brings something new – it displays enhanced tiles when you open a new tab. These new enhanced tiles are no different than the usual tiles made of thumbnails of the websites that were previously visited by you – only they may contain some of the sponsored website links from Mozilla. These sponsored links are displayed by Firefox in anticipation of generating some revenue through these subtle and indirect advertisements. But for Continue reading

Stop Repeated Annoying Alerts on Webpages with AlertStopper for Firefox

AlertStopper for Firefox

While browsing through different websites on the Internet, sometimes we encounter sites that seem to use the alert() and confirm() functions in javascript a little bit more freely. Seeing so many alert dialogs on a webpage can make anyone annoying and usually it does make you a little irritated at such websites. Unfortunately a similar technique is also used by malicious websites when they fake messages to an unsuspecting visitor. In the Chrome browser, there is an inbuilt protection to disable such Continue reading

Webcam On-Off : Quickly Toggle Webcam in Windows

Webcam On-Off

Webcams used to come as separate computer peripherals that you had to attach to your computer via a USB port. But newer models of notebooks, laptops and even the desktop computer screens come in-built with a camera. These cameras have multiple uses – they can be used to record videos, chat online, take pictures, can be used to sign-in for Windows using face recognition technology and more. But the problem with in-built cameras is that nobody bothers to switch them off. Actually some Continue reading

Detekt Finds Commercial Surveillance Spyware in Windows


A few years ago, the accidental discovery of  the Stuxnet trojan confirmed what had been a faint suspicion so far – state sponsored trojan programs were being used for spying and surveillance. Since then many of similar surveillance trojans have been exposed by the security researchers and the security software firms. Now some of the companies are actually selling industry strength surveillance spyware that can be used to spy on anyone’s activities, steal their data and more. Fortunately, the free and open-source Detekt program can scan and find Continue reading

View USB Flash Drive Activity with My Flash Drive LED

My Flash Drive LED

These days, some of the USB flash drives are coming in very fashionable designs. I myself recently bought an HP USB flash drive key that has a stainless steel cover and a pen-like clip. Though these flash drives look great, they often do not have any LED indicator of any sort. Without any LED indicator it becomes a problem when you are copying files to or from these USB pen drives – you get no idea when the file operation has stopped. If it Continue reading

SFV Ninja Can Check Your Files for Changes

SFV Ninja

Microsoft Windows comes with a system file checker (SFC) tool that can be used to verify the integrity of Windows system files. If any of the system files are changed, then you can use this SFC utility to check them for modification and also restore the original versions of the files if necessary. Unfortunately, this tool does not check your personal documents and files for any changes. If you want to check your personal documents for any possible changes made, then you can Continue reading

Broadcast Music Over WiFi Using SoundWire


I am a big fan of horror movies and I enjoy watching movies over NetFlix on my computer. Watching a Dario Argento movie late at night sitting in my bed is my idea of quality home entertainment. But when it is late night, and you don’t want to disturb other sleeping neighbors or family members, then you can listen the movie audio over wireless headphones. But if you do not want to invest in costly wireless headphones, then you can turn your Android Continue reading

SecPod Saner Scans PC for Vulnerabilities & Security Issues

SecPod Saner Personal

In the the modern times when we have to deal with malware, attack sites, phishing sites, rogueware, social engineering and so many other threats, our best bet to stay safe is to keep our software up-to-date. By using the latest updated software, we make it sure that we are protected with all the known vulnerabilities or security holes in the older versions of the software. We can keep Windows operating system updated using the automatic updates, but some of the third party software programs Continue reading