Knock Lock : Quickly Lock Your Android Device Screen

Knock Lock Android

On a standard Android smartphone, the continuous drainage of the battery charge is the main cause of worry for many of the users. This is why when you look for a new smartphone, you should always look for a smartphone with a bigger battery that can last at least a day on regular use. But you can also save the battery charge by turning off the smartphone screen quickly and disabling some of the unnecessary apps from running. You can Continue reading

Hddb is Blazing Fast File Search Utility for Windows

Hddb - Fast File Searching

These days googling about everything has become a second habit. If you do not understand anything, just google about it and most probably you would find a site explaining it in great details. But google can only be used for the online content. If you are searching through the files stored on your hard disk, then you are stuck with Windows File Explorer search function which takes forever to go through your hard disk. A better alternative for searching files Continue reading

How to Enable Mixed Content in Google Chrome Browser

Google Chrome

When you are visiting a secure webpage (over the HTTPS protocol) in Google Chrome, you may face problems if the webpage also has in-secure content (over the HTTP protocol) embedded inside it. Using in-secure content inside a secure webpage is called using “mixed content” in a webpage and it ruins all the efforts to keep the data transfer over HTTPS more private. This is why Chrome does not allow mixed content in a secure webpage and blocks the in-secure content Continue reading

Minitool Power Data Recovery : Recover Lost Files & Partitions

Minitool Power Data Recovery

Accidents happen and disasters strike, and you can lose all your important files in just one unfortunate second. It happened to my friend Josie when her little kitten sat down on the keyboard of your PC. Who could know that this simple fun with her little cute cat could result in the deletion of all her important documents. But when files are gone, it is useless to cry over the spilled milk. Instead you should take some action to recover Continue reading

Monitor Your CPU Temperature with Core Temp

Core Temp

The spring season is in the full swing and flowers are blossoming everywhere. But soon the scorching summer season would follow and make everything very hot. While some people living in the northern US do enjoy the summers, southern regions of the US get extremely hot and it becomes impossible to survive without an air-conditioner. As you prepare your home or office for the summer heat, you should also clean the dust from your computer so that it does not Continue reading

Use Multiple Skype Accounts Simultaneously Using Multi Skype Launcher

Multi Skype Launcher

More and more people are using the the VoIP based telephony services because they are much more affordable than the traditional cellphone networks. In my office, I personally use the Skype account for all the business calls. But I also have a personal Skype account that I use for staying in touch with my family members and friends. Normally you can use only one Skype account on a PC at a single time. But if you want to use two Continue reading

Encreep : Public Key Cryptography Portable Tool for Windows


When you download a digitally signed application from the Internet, you can easily verify its integrity by checking its digital certificates. If the file is modified then it would show an invalid digital certificate. If the file is same as the original creator intended, then the digital signatures would be intact and valid. You can also use these authenticode digital certificates to digitally sign your files, but they are very costly. If you cannot afford the commercially available certificates from Continue reading

Rohos Mini Drive : Keep Your Files on Secret USB Drive Partition

Rohos Mini Drive

USB pen drives (also called USB keys or thumb drives) have become so cheap and readily available these days. Only a few years ago, a 16GB pen drive costed a fortune. But now even 32GB USB pen drives are selling at dirt cheap prices. The ready availability of cheap USB storage devices have made it very easy to carry your personal documents on your person inside your pen drive. But for added security, you should encrypt the documents on your Continue reading

How to Find Wi-Fi Connection Passwords in Windows

Create WiFi Hotspot on Your Computer

Almost all the modern computers available in the market today come with a Wi-Fi network adapter. This allows you to easily connect to any of the Wi-Fi hot-spots (access points) that are easily available in public places like coffee shops, restaurants, educational institutes, offices etc. Some of these places give you a password to connect to the internet through the Wi-Fi access point. For example, many of the hotels give their customers free Wi-Fi access if you enter your room Continue reading

Optimize PDF Files for Reading on Smaller Screens with k2pdfopt

k2pdfopt - PDF Optimize for Small Screen

The PDF documents have become a de facto standard of document formats usually shared online. They retain the same quality and look, no matter on which system they are viewed or printed. But most of the PDF files available online are created for the large screen desktop computers. Almost all of the PDF documents are either in the US letter or in the A4 paper sizes. These documents do not appear well on smaller screen devices like Kindle, tablets and Continue reading