Backup & Restore Disk Images in Windows with ODIN

Open Disk Imager in a Nutshell

Its a pain to re-install Windows operating system followed by drivers, updates and other third party software every time your PC stops working due to malware infection, hard disk failure, files corruptions and more. This is why it is a good idea to make a backup of your entire hard disk into a hard disk image immediately after you have installed Windows, updates, drivers and basic third-party software. This way you can restore the entire hard disk to its previous “fresh Windows installation” Continue reading

How to Reload CSS Without Refreshing Webpage in Firefox

CSS Reloader for Firefox

The Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS in short) is the magical code that runs behind all websites to give them the look and feel that you can see in your web browser. The CSS files are linked inside a webpage and when loaded, they render look and the format as described in various rules inside these CSS files. Now you can imagine what would happen if the CSS files fail to load for some reason on a webpage. The webpages would look bare Continue reading

How to Disable Suggestions Shown in the Firefox Location Bar

Firefox Location Bar Suggestions

When you start typing something in the Firefox address bar (also called location bar), it starts to show you suggestions matched to your typed words. These suggestions are taken from your web browsing history and from the webpages that you have bookmarked. For example, if you type “sports” in the location bar then it might show the Sports Illustrated website that you have bookmarked or the New York Times sports page that you have visited earlier. In general, this is very useful for Continue reading

Fast Full Webpage Translation with Google Translator for Firefox

Google Translator for Firefox

One of the features of the Chrome web browser that makes the Firefox users filled with jealousy is its ability to offer instant translation for webpages. As soon as you open a webpage that is not in your locale (for me it is US English), Chrome offers you to translate the complete webpage using the Google Translator. If you want to have a similar feature in Firefox, then you can use the Google Translator for Firefox extension. Although this extension does not offer instant Continue reading

DeskNotifier : Receive Android Notifications on Windows PC

DeskNotifier for Android

When working at my office, I have to keep picking up my Android smartphone whenever a new phone call, text or email message is received on it. This seriously interferes with work I have to look up in my bag for the phone again and again. This is why now I have started to use the DeskNotifier app which allows you to receive the messages and notifications on your Windows PC. This way you can see all the notifications on your Windows Continue reading

How to Export or Import Saved Passwords in Mozilla Firefox

Password Exporter for Firefox

The password manager built inside the Firefox browser is really helpful. Every time you have to enter username and passwords on a webpage, Firefox asks whether you want to save the passwords for later use. And if you choose to save the passwords, Firefox automatically fills that webpage next time with the password – saving you the trouble of both typing the password and memorizing it. Many Firefox users, including me, use this feature regularly and over a period of many Continue reading

Block Sites Easily in Firefox with Minimal Site Block Extension

Minimal Site Block

There is a myriad of reasons that may make you want to block some websites. For example, your kids are spending too much time on an online gaming website, your teenagers are wasting their time on social networking sites, your spouse is more interested in the news sites than in the family and many more. If you want to block a website throughout all the application on your PC, then you can use the HOSTS file to block any websites or domain. But Continue reading

Disable Chrome from Asking Windows User Login Password

Chrome Password Manager Reauthentication

One of the latest security related feature in the recent versions of Chrome browser is that it asks for your Windows user login password if you try to access the passwords saved in the browser. If you do not know how to view the saved passwords in Google Chrome, then you can read our previous article about viewing saved passwords in Chrome. In the newer versions of the Chrome browser, it asks for the Windows sign-in password before finally revealing the saved Continue reading

Cyotek CopyTools : Backup Files Easily in Windows

Cyotek CopyTools

The importance of keeping a regular backup much more evident in the event of actually suffering some or other sort of data loss – accidental deletion of files, losing a USB stick, hard disk getting crashed, malware infection or online data theft –  to name a few. Most people are aware of the usefulness of a regular backup, but they shrink back at the though of using overwhelming backup software. If you are one of those Windows users who have always been afraid of using Continue reading

How to Cast Any Tab in Chrome to Chromecast Devices

Google Cast Extension for Chrome Browser

Google has completely changed the way we consume the digital media through its amazing products. The Google Chromecast technology is another example of Google’s innovativeness. Chromecast technology can be used to stream content from just about any device to another through the Chromecast device. For example, you can stream videos from your computer to your large screen HDTV through the Chromecast dongle. The possibilities are endless and you can even view web browser pages on a larger screen perhaps for presentations or for watching Continue reading