Always Zoom Allows Zooming on All Web Pages in Firefox for Android

Always Zoom Add-on for Firefox in Android

Recently while browsing on Firefox on my Android smartphone, I have come across many websites that prevent viewers from zooming in. Why the website developers choose to do this, is beyond my understanding. They forget how difficult it becomes to read the contents of a web page for the people with weaker eyesight. Sometimes you cannot even zoom the images, no matter how hard you try to pinch zoom on the smartphone touchscreen. But now you can zoom on all the mobile webpages Continue reading

Dumpster is Recycle Bin Alternative for Android

Dumpster for Android

After having used Windows for many years we get the general impression that even if delete something from the hard disk, it is not going anywhere and we can always restore it from the Recycle Bin. Unfortunately, no such feature is available in Android. So if you delete a picture, document or any other file from your Android smartphone, it is gone forever. Sure there are file recovery tools that can help you recover deleted files but there is no guarantee of any kind. If Continue reading

Use Strong Passwords in Firefox with Secure Password Generator

Secure Password Generator for Firefox

One of the main reasons why online accounts like emails, facebook, twitter, etc., are hacked is because people choose weak and easy to guess passwords. According to a security research firm, many people are actually using their date of birth or pet names as their passwords. Such passwords are not only easy to guess, but also fall easy victim for dictionary based hacking attacks. In order to stay safe and secure online, you have to start using stronger passwords as your first line of defense Continue reading

Improve Vocabulary with A Word A Day App for Android

A Word A Day

I remember when my elder sister used to buy those “learn new word everyday” calendars to improve her English vocabulary. These calendars had only one day shown at a time and displayed a new word, its definition and usage for each and every day. The general idea was to start your day with a new word and improve the English vocabulary. If you made sincere efforts, you could learn 365 new words in a year. Well, now the days of wall calendars and wrist Continue reading

How to Enable Developer Options in Android KitKat

Android KitKat Logo

Many people do not know but Android KitKat (or any other version of Android) has advanced options called Developers options well hidden from the view of common user. These options can be made visible by performing a special maneuver in Android. You may wonder why they decided to hide these options in the first place? The reason is simple – these options are very advanced and should be used only by Android apps developers and highly advanced users. These developers options, once made visible, Continue reading

How to Change Mobile Number in WhatsApp for Android

Change Mobile Number in WhatsApp

More and more people are using WhatsApp everyday to connect with their friends and colleagues and share pictures, videos and text messages with them. This is why WhatsApp is more often comes pre-installed in many of the Android based smartphones. WhatsApp uses your mobile phone’s phone number to create a unique account for you so that you can have only one account at a time. But what if you decide to change the mobile number or buy a new SIM card later? Continue reading

How to Delete WhatsApp Account in Android

Delete WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp is a very popular instant messenger subscription service for smartphones that allows you to send text messages, pictures and videos to all of your contacts. Although many new similar apps like Kik have come into the messenger service scene, but WhatsApp is still the most used and talked about service, especially for the Android smartphone users. WhatsApp uses your mobile number to identify you on the smartphone, so you can have only one WhatsApp account on one smartphone. If you have Continue reading

ESET Augmented Reality App : Snap Your Pictures with ESET Android

ESET Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a live view of the real world seen through a screen (such as your computer screen) whose elements have been augmented or enhanced using the computer generated graphics based on the input such as video or audio. For example, through the use of augmented reality you can see a ghost or bunny standing next to you in your computer screen while it is really not there. The leading security developers ESET has also launched their new augmented reality app that shows a three dimensional ESET android Continue reading

How to Disable Anti-malware Download Check Service in Firefox

Firefox Anti-malware Download Check Service

With the new version 31.0 of Firefox, the popular browser has added a new feature to security arsenal – now it will check all the downloaded files against Google Safe Browsing file reputation service to determine whether they are malicious or harmless. In order to do so, it calculates a SHA256 hash of all the downloaded files before completing the download, sends the checksum to Google Safe Browsing servers. If it gets a reply that the hash belongs to a Continue reading

Check Spelling, Style & Grammar in Firefox with LanguageToolFx


A while ago I participated in an online story writing contest. The participants had to write a small 500 words story but everything had to be done in only 30 minutes on the contest’s website. I tried my best to write a fascinating story and checked for all the spellings using in-built spell checker of Firefox, before submitting it. But when they displayed the results, I was taken aback by the number of grammar mistakes that appeared in my story and Continue reading