How to Tell if Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is Genuine or a Clone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Clones

Remember the days when people used to sell fake Rolex watches on the streets of New York. These watches looked like genuine Rolex watches and gullible people often paid as much as US$ 1,000 for them, but a close scrutiny revealed that they were just cheap replicas of Rolex watches. I know this because my brother once bought such a Rolex watch for me. Now the same thing is happening with Samsung Galaxy smart phones. As soon as, Samsung announced the launch of Continue reading

Change Preferred Install Location in Android Lollipop

Preferred Install Location in Android

Although the newer Android based smart phones are coming with much larger internal storage than ever before, but if you keep installing apps in the internal storage there will come a time when the internal storage will run out of space. This will not only make some apps malfunction, but it will also impact the overall performance of the Android device. In order to avoid this, all you have to do is use a large capacity external micro SD card Continue reading

Get Earthquake Alerts on Android Smartphone

LastQuake App for Android

Last month a disastrous earthquake hit the peaceful country of Nepal, otherwise known as a popular tourist destination. The massive quake caused many ancients buildings to collapse and more than 6,000 people have lost their lives so far. When such a big earthquake hits a city, it is essential to know about it as quickly as possible so that rescue missions can be started and you can also volunteer to help the people caught up in the rubble of the collapsed buildings. Fortunately, it has become very easy to know about Continue reading

AlarmMon is Pleasant Alarm Clock for Android

AlarmMon for Android

When you go to bed after a night out with friends, dancing and a heavy dinner with some wine, then it becomes impossible to open the eyes in the morning. Even the regular alarm clock sometimes fails to do its work and wake you up. What you need is either an alarm clock that gives you electric shock to get you out of the bed or a pleasant and engaging alarm clock like AlarmMon for Android. If you have an Android device (and Continue reading Uses Microsoft Face APIs to Detect Age and Gender from Face

Microsoft Face AP

Microsoft has been developing something called Project Oxford which is a basically bundle of APIs and SDKs enabling developers to have the natural data analysis capabilities in their programs. Project Oxford contains APIs to detect or recognize faces, recognize voice, understanding voice commands and more. Microsoft has created a demonstration web site that demonstrates these features being developed by Microsoft. On this web site, they make use of the Face APIs to detect faces in a picture and estimate the age and the gender Continue reading

How to Connect SATA Hard Disk Through USB Cable

SATA to USB Adapter

Ever since I bought a new hard disk of 2 TB capacity, I do not seem to need any other storage media. All my older hard disks and USB flash disks are accumulating dust somewhere in my house. Whenever I need my older hard disk, I had to open the computer box by taking out all the six screws and then attaching the old hard disk and booting into Windows. This was all very cumbersome, painful and tiring just to access a few files from Continue reading

LoneColor Sets Random Solid Color Wallpapers in Android

LoneColor for Android

Depending on the our mood, we like or dislike the same things at different times of the day. For example, you may want to have a Star Wars movie theme in your Android smart phone one day, but you may want to change it to your dogs picture on some other day. Some people actually do not like any picture as the smartphone wallpaper at all. They use solid colors as the background images in Android as well as their notebook or Continue reading

Get Date & Time Update from GPS Satellites in Android

Get Date and Time from GPS in Android

I remember when a few years ago I was traveling in Cambodia, I rode my bicycle into a very distant rural area where they did not have any electricity or mobile signal. Sleeping in the camps was fun, but late at night our mobile phones were completely discharged. We managed to charge our mobile phones using a portable solar charger next morning, but by then all the date and time settings were erased. Without the mobile signal, we could not find the right time. Suddenly we Continue reading

Google Password Alert is Phishing Protection for Chrome

Password Alert for Chrome

When you go online, you have to be ready for all kinds of threats – phishing, hacking and malware to name a few. For some of these threats, you can use a standard antivirus solution as your basic protection, while a good firewall can be used as a shield against hacking attempts. Though many security tools and online services can warn you of some of the known phishing domains and block them, but they cannot provide protection against new unknown domains being used Continue reading

Play Nintendo GameCube Games in Windows with Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator for Nintendo GameCube

It is a little hard to imagine but some of our memories are linked to the various computing technologies that are no longer in use today. I have heard many times my parents speak of floppy disks and all the funny things that happened when using these disks. Similarly, whenever my older brother visits me, he brings his old Nintendo GameCube, attaches it to the TV and starts playing games that we used to enjoy as kids – Sonic Adventure, Sonic Continue reading