How to Create Bootable USB Disks with UNetbootin


Ever since Knoppix create the Live bootable CD for the Knoppix Linux, all sorts of bootable CD/DVDs have flooded the internet. There are obviously the bootable Live CD/DVDs for all many different flavors of the Linux operating system, then there are antivirus repair disks, hard disk erasing disks, partition manager disks, hard disk cloning disks and many more. All of these bootable CD/DVDs are available for free to be downloaded from the internet in the popular ISO image format. But Continue reading

MicroSIP : Make Phone Calls from Windows PC

MicroSIP - SIP Client for Windows

The SIP (session initiation protocol) makes it possible for you to make VoIP phone calls to any phone number in the world using your existing internet connection. The SIP based phone calling feature is present in modern Android smartphones and iPhone, but the Windows desktop computers have no in-built system to make the SIP features available to the users. Fortunately the open source software MicroSIP allows you to make phone calls in Windows with any SIP account over the internet. It supports to the latest Continue reading

How to Disable Services in Android Smartphone

Disable Service Android

A service is a special type of program that keeps running in the background and performs some tasks when triggered by certain conditions. Though they may be called with different names, services exist in all the operating systems like Linux (in Linux they are sometimes called daemons), Windows, Mac and Android. If you have an Android smartphone, then sometimes you cannot uninstall an app because a service related to that app is running. In this scenario, you have to first disable those services Continue reading

Track Android Device Activity with Event Logger App

Android Event Logger

A few days ago, I was at the beach when a young boy came running and told me that he had lost his phone and wanted to call his parents. So I let him use my Android smartphone. He seemed to make a call and then handed the phone back to me. What I did not know was that during these 2 minutes he quickly installed RAT (remote access trojan) in my smartphone. I found it out only later when strange things started Continue reading

Baku Makes Windows Run Smoother and Cleaner


Have you noticed that after a few months of regular use the free hard disk space in your computer dwindles down to a few measly GBs. Of course, if you have a large hard disk, then it is a different story. But in any case the hard disk gets pummeled with junk files so bad, that it sometimes runs like a snail. The junk files and obsolete registry entries slow down your Windows in the same way as the browser history slows down Continue reading

Increase HDD Life by Preventing Hard Disk Sleep Mode

No Disk Sleep

The SSDs (solid state drives) have become popular in the recent times because they are faster and consume less power. But HDDs are still favored by some computer owners for their longer life. An HDD can keep working for more than 7-8 years (it will continue to work after that, but it becomes unreliable), while an SSD lasts only for 4-5 years at the most. But the life your storage media also depends on how you use them. For example, if you let the Continue reading

CookieSwap : Manage Multiple Account Logins in Firefox


When you login to a website, that website stores the login information in form of cookies in our web browser. Next time you visit that website, it reads the login information from the stored cookies and you do not have to enter the login credentials over and over again. But what if you have more than one account for a website? If you login with a second account for a website, then the older cookies are removed and you stay Continue reading

iFree Skype Recorder Records Your Skype Calls in MP3 Format

iFree Skype Recorder

If you ask me, Skype is the best VoIP (voice over IP) application that can be used to make calls to any phones or mobile phones in the world. Though there are some unavailable areas like in the rural Colombia, but who is calling there anyway? Skype not only supports a broad range of devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS etc.), but it also offers dirt cheap calling rates. For example, you can make unlimited calls anywhere in the world for only $14 for the Continue reading

Trend Micro Heartbleed Detector Scans Android Apps for Heartbleed Bug

Trend Micro Heartbleed Detector

The heartbleed bug that exists in the OpenSSL library puts your secure data transfer at risk. The OpenSSL library is not only used in the web servers, it is also used in many applications (including the Windows programs, Android apps and iOS apps) that use secure connections to transfer the data. While most of the web servers have been quickly updated with the latest versions of the OpenSSL library to thwart the heartbleed risk, it is not so easy for the Android apps Continue reading

Find Good Quality Wi-Fi Hotspot with SecurityXploded WiFi Hotspot Scanner

SecurityXploded Wi-Fi Hotspot Scanner

A Wi-Fi hotspot or access point allows you to connect to the internet through the wireless network adapter in your computer, notebook, tablet or smartphones. If your desktop computer does not have a wireless adapter, then you can get a simple USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the Wi-Fi hotspots. When you switch on the Wi-Fi adapter or connect the USB Wi-Fi adapter, Windows usually detects all the available hotspots or access points that you can connect to. But Windows just shows you the Continue reading