Set Live Video Wallpapers in Android

Android Live Video Wallpaper

A wallpaper image or the background image is something you look at the most of the time when using your Android smart phone. So it is only natural that you set it to something that is positive and  gives you good vibes all the day long. Normally, you can set only images as the Android screen wallpaper, but you can also set any video file as the background. There is a built-in video wallpaper in Android for this purpose, but it does Continue reading

MirrorOp : Control One Windows, Android, Mac or iOS Device from Another


We have published an article about how you can use VNC server/client combos to access your Android device’s screen on your Windows PC. But MirrorOp takes this a step further by providing the necessary software to mirror the screens of one Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device from another device. Not only you can access the screen of the devices, but you can actually control them either through the touchscreen or through the keyboard and mouse. Any device screen can be Continue reading

Fixing “NVRAM WARNING: Err=0x10″ in Android WiFi

Fix NVRAM WARNING: Err=0x10 in Android

Some of the Android smart phones running on Mediatek SoC (system on a chip) like MTK6582 or MTK6589 display an extra WiFi connection entry labeled “NVRAM WARNING: Err=0x10″. This is because of the misconfigured WiFi file inside the NVRAM folder of the Android system. You can easily fix this by modifying the WiFi file in your Android smart phone. After the fix, this entry no longer appears in the WiFi connection settings. Although removing this entry does not really improve the WiFi performance, but Continue reading

Fix Google Playstore “No Connection – Retry” Error in Android

Playstore Connection Error

Sometimes when you want to install an app from Google Playstore in Android, you encounter a very strange error – “No connection – Retry”. Usually this error means that your device is offline and is not connected to the internet either through WiFi, USB tethering, or through the 2G/3G/4G cellphone data connection. But when this error keeps showing up even when you are connected online, then it becomes very annoying. You can access various websites in the browser on your Android, but Google Playstore fails Continue reading

Manually Update Firefox Browser in Android

Manually Update Firefox for Android

As soon as the news that the Firefox version 36.0 has been released came out on various web sites, I checked for the latest version on my Android smart phone. But Google Playstore was still showing the older version 35.0.1 for Firefox. This could happen perhaps because Mozilla did not quickly update their browser on the Playstore or there was some delay in the distribution. In any case, I did not want to wait for another day to update the Firefox for Android Continue reading

Configure Automatic Updates for Firefox in Android

Firefox Android Automatic Update

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that is popular not only among the Windows and Linux users, but also with the Android smart phone users. In Android, the Firefox web browser can be automatically updated to the latest version from the Google Playstore as Mozilla makes the new version available. But in addition, you can also check Firefox for new version manually and set Firefox to receive automatic updates from within the Firefox browser settings. This makes it very easy for you to configure how Continue reading

Enable Displaying of Update Badge in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox Update Badge

Automatic updates of various software including Windows operating system is a very good defense against known vulnerabilities but it becomes very annoying when a software starts to update itself while you are busy working on something. The popular Mozilla Firefox web browser also supports automatic updates, but it does not interfere with user’s activities. Whenever an update is available, it asks you whether you want to download an install the new version. And if you find even this simple prompt annoying, then starting Continue reading

Safe Camera for Android Keeps Pictures Encrypted

Safe Camera

Although Android smart phones come with strong enough screen locking mechanisms that require you to entire a password, PIN code or pattern etc., to unlock the lock screen and use the phone, yet most people just use the slide lock that can be unlocked even by two-three year old kids (yes, I have seen kids do that). And on such phones almost anybody can have a look at your personal pictures that you snapped with your beloved in private. One way to tackle Continue reading

Enable Quick Removal of USB Flash Drives in Windows

USB Quick Removal

If you have enabled write caching for any of your USB disk drives then Windows will not instantly write all the data to these disks, but will wait for more data to be written to the disk. This cached data in RAM memory is then written to the disk in a lump altogether. This write caching can obviously improve the performance of your USB disk drives, but then you cannot just remove those USB disk drives instantly from your PC. Removing the disks Continue reading

Get Alerts in Android when Mobile Network Signal is Lost

No Signal Alert for Android

How many times you take the phone out from your pocket and start dialing a number only to find out that you are not getting any mobile network signal? Then you start to wonder for how long you had no signal and how many important calls you must have missed. Usually the mobile phones including the Android smart phones do not give you any audible alerts when cell signal is lost – instead, they only show cross mark over the Continue reading