Limiting computer access through parental controls

Windows 7 has a new feature called Parental Controls. You can control any user account using these parental controls. You can limit the access in the following three ways :

  1. Time restrictions. You can limit the user to logon only in the specified time period. If the user is logged in and time goes outside the specified time period, that user will be automatically logged off. For example, you can force a user to logon only in the time between 6 PM to 8 PM. Outside this time period, that user cannot use the computer.
  2. Game restrictions. You can restrict the user to play only specified games or games with a particular category or rating.
  3. Program restrictions. You can restrict the user to use only specified programs. The user will not be able to use any programs other than you specified.

This way you can use inbuilt parental controls features in Windows 7, to restrict access to games, programs or you can control at what times your child can actually use the computer.

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