Force Mozilla Firefox to use HTTPS on most web sites

HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP protocol. If you open a web site which uses the HTTPS protocol, then all the data transfer between you and that site is encrypted so no third party in the middle can eavesdrop on you. You can tell if a web site is using the HTTPS protocol by looking at that site’s address. If it starts with https:// then it is using the HTTPS protocol. For example, uses the HTTPS protocol.

You can force Mozilla Firefox to use the HTTPS protocol wherever possible by using the HTTPS Everywhere add-on. This way, you would be using the secure side of the web as much as possible. Here is how :

  1. Visit in Firefox web browser.
  2. Click on the big blue box that says Install HTTPS Everywhere to download and install the Firefox add-on

  3. After the installation is finished, restart Mozilla Firefox.
  4. You can configure the HTTPS Everywhere add-on to set which web sites to force to use the HTTPS protocol. To do so, click Tools → Add-ons in the menu bar. Then select the HTTPS Everywhere add-on and click on the Options button.

  5. In the Options window, you can select the sites on which you want to force the HTTPS protocol if possible.