DupScout : Find Duplicate Files Easily

These days everybody has high speed broadband and we regularly download all kinds of files everyday. This increases the chances of duplicate files present on your computer. These duplicate files are simply a waste of hard disk space. Duplicate files cannot be manually found out as they are scattered all over the hard disk and may be present multiple times in various folders. But now you can find and remove duplicate files easily using the free DupScout.

DupScout is a powerful, fast and easy-to-use duplicate files finder utility allowing one to detect and cleanup duplicate files on local disks, networked computers and NAS storage devices. You can download the DupScout free edition from the DupScout web site. The downloaded file is around 4 megabytes in size and takes only a fraction of a second to download. It can be installed on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7. Here are some features of free DupScout :

  • Maximum number of files 100,000
  • Maximum storage capacity 1 TB
  • Maximum number of profiles 3
  • Support for long file names
  • Support for unicode file names
  • Support for unc network path names
  • Option to delete duplicate files
  • Option to move duplicates to a directory


After the installation you are given option to run DupScout. In the main window, you can click the Duplicates icon in the toolbar to start the duplicates finding process. In the dialog box that pops up, you can choose the folder or you can choose a pre-set profile from the dropdown list. Then click on the Search button to start searching for duplicate files.


You can save the reports in CSV, HTML, SQL or XML formats. You can also view the pie charts for wasted disk space per extension. If you want, you can choose actions for deletion or compression of the duplicate files – this saving your valuable hard disk space.


A word of caution though : do not delete duplicate program files like DLL, EXE, SYS files etc. These files may be required for Windows or other software to work properly. If you delete them, then those program or Windows may not work properly. On the other hand, you can safely delete duplicate plain text files, multimedia files etc.

If your hard disk has become a junkyard of different kind of duplicate files, then its time that you find and remove duplicate files. DupScout can help you recover your valuable hard disk space. You can download DupScout from http://www.dupscout.com/.