Hidden File Finder : Search for Hidden Files on PC

Many of the malicious files use different tactics to stay hidden from the user. One of the basic trick they use is to switch on the hidden file attributes so that for most of the users they are not visible. The freeware program Hidden File Finder makes it very easy for you to search for hidden files and folders on your PC and delete them.

You can download the Hidden File Finder utility from the SecurityXploded website. The download is a setup installer file of about two megabytes which can install Hidden File Finder on your PC. After the installation, you can run it from its desktop shortcut. The application allows you to select a folder where you want to scan for the hidden files or folders. Alternatively, you can also perform a full computer search. Clicking on the Start Scan button would start the search.

Hidden File Finder : Search for Hidden Files on PC

The hidden files are shown in different colors to indicate their types. The executable files are shown in the red color, the folders are shown in the blue color while ordinary non-executable files are shown in the black color. You can right-click on any file and choose to test it for being malicious by selecting Check it online from the context-menu.

If you find a malicious file, you can delete it by right-clicking and choosing Delete. You can also unhide a hidden file or folder in the list, by right-clicking on it and selecting Unhide. As the file/folder is unhidden, its color is changed to green indicating that it is now no longer hidden and can be easily viewed in the Windows File Explorer.

You can download Hidden File Finder from http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/System-Miscellaneous/Hidden-File-Finder.shtml.