Switch Folders Instantly with Folders Popup in Windows

If you add up all the time that you have spent just opening up folders in your computer, then perhaps it could come to many months if not years. Whenever we have to perform any file operation like saving files, copying or moving them, we have to open a destination folder and it requires you to first open the drive, then one folder and then sub-folders and so on, until you reach the destination folder. This not only wastes your valuable time, wears off the mouse switches (click buttons) and can become irritating if you have to do it too often. The free software Folders Popup offers an easy solution to quickly switch to most used, most recent or favorite folders through a popup-menu that appears just by using a hotkey or the middle-mouse button.

The Folders Popup is a portable application and can be used without installing. It supports both the 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. When you first launch Folders Popup, it places an icon in the system tray and shows you basic information about how you can make the popup-menu appear in Windows Explorer.

Folders Popup

Typically, you will have to press the hotkey Win+K on your keyboard or press the middle mouse button when inside Windows Explorer or a file open/save dialog box. This will make the Folders Popup menu from which you can choose one of the folders that you want to jump to. The menu lists all the favorite folders, recent folders and special folders that you can quickly jump to. You can also choose to add the current folder to this list for later use.

Folders Popup

If you select Folders Popup Settings from this popup-menu, then it will open a window where you can add, remove or modify different folders in the Folders Popup list. These folders will then appear in the Folders Popup menu when you press the hotkey Win+K or the middle-mouse button. You can also choose which of the dialog boxes, the Folders Popup menu should be able to appear in.

Folders Popup

In the Settings window, you can click on the Options icon near the top-left corner to open the options related to the Folders Popup program. Here you can configure the hotkeys and mouse actions for the program. You can also change settings that allow you to auto-run this program at Windows startup, enable displaying of various folders, display numeric menu shortcuts and more.

Folders Popup

Conclusion: The Folders Popup program allows you to jump from one folder to another folder instantly at the click of a button or through a keyboard shortcut. It can save you from the irritation caused when you have to select a target folder by going through all the parent folders first. Folders Popup lets you jump straight to the target folder, prevents the headache and saves your precious time.

You can download Folders Popup from http://code.jeanlalonde.ca/folderspopup/.

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