Capture Videos and Screenshots of Games with Dxtory

Recently, we published about the DirectX Happy Uninstall tool that can be used to manage DirectX in your Windows PC. This is very important for the PC gamers who do not want any glitch in the DirectX version required to run the PC games. If you are a PC gamer, then you would also be interested in capturing the screenshots of your PC games. This tool is not limited to capturing the games screen, but it can also be used to capture screen shots or capture videos of Windows desktop.

Dxtory integrates well with the PC and displays some of the overlay information as you play the games. In the Dxtory options, you have to pick one of the processes (game process) that it can target. You can also pick the overlay information that would be displayed on the screen as you play the games, for example, video fps, recording fps, record status, screenshot status, video length, etc.


You also have to specify some of the folders where the screenshots and video recordings will be saved. Once these options are chosen, you can use the hotkeys to start recording the videos of your gameplay. For example, hitting the F12 key will start or stop the video capture. Similarly, hitting the F11 key will execute a single screenshot capture.

As far as the video capture and screenshot capture is concerned, this tools provides very comprehensive options for both. In addition, you can also control how the audio is captured. You can choose the video codecs and configure them. You can choose the screenshot capture image formats like JPEG, BMP, PNG etc. And you can choose to record the audio from one or more than one sources.

Conclusion: Dxtory is not freeware, but it does offer all the features that a PC gamer would want if they want to capture the video recording or the screenshots while playing PC games.

You can download Dxtory from