FeedTurtle : Manage and Read RSS Feeds from Many Sources

FeedTurtle is a versatile application that can act as an RSS feed reader, a multi-media manager and also as a bit-torrent client. It is written using Oracle Java and therefore can be run on all the Java supported operating systems. The download is a big JAR file that won’t run unless you have installed Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE). After downloading the JAR file, you can simply double-click on it and it will launch FeedTurtle on your system.

FeedTurtle has too many features embedded into the same interface and is therefore looks a bit complicated. For example, you will find RSS reader, web browser, media manager, bit-torrent client, multimedia player etc., all crammed into the same window. However, as the title of the software implies, it was originally designed as a feed reader.

In order to use it as a feed reader, you can switch to the feeds tab on the left side, enter the RSS feed link in the feed place and press Enter. It will ask you the title of the RSS feed and then add it to the RSS feeds list. Now you can simple select the newly added RSS feed and it will be downloaded and made visible in the web browser built-inside FeedTurtle.


Similarly, you can switch to other features offered by FeedTurtle just by selecting the respective tabs. This allows you to quickly switch between open feeds and videos and other modules such as the bit-torrent client. The built-in music player lets you browse your music library and can play your MP3 files. In the same manner, you can manage your videos and play them inside the FeedTurtle interface.

FeedTurtle tries to pack too much into the same interface and could be a little confusing for some people. But it is an excellent RSS feed reader and can be used to manage all of your favorite RSS feeds.

You can download FeedTurtle from http://feedturtle.sourceforge.net/.

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