Disinfect Computers Using Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue Disk

Panda Security offers many products to keep your computers and smartphones malware free and safe from other online threats. But your computers have already become so infected that they won’t boot properly, then you can attempt to disinfect them using free Panda Cloud Cleaner rescue disk. It is a Live Linux disk based on Debian and can help you quickly find and remove malware infection on your computers. It is available in form of an ISO image that can be burned on a blank CD/DVD or can be used to create a bootable USB drive.

As the name tells, it is a cloud antivirus and requires internet connection for scanning and removal of malware. This tool simply won’t work in the absence of a good working internet connection. So here is how you can use Panda Cloud Cleaner rescue disk:

  1. Download Panda Cloud Cleaner rescue disk ISO image from http://acs.pandasoftware.com/pandacloudcleaner/rescuedisk/PandaCloudCleanerFull.iso.
  2. Use ImgBurn to burn the downloaded image to a blank CD/DVD media. Alternatively, you can use Rufus to create a bootable USB drive.
  3. Use the bootable CD or USB drive created in step 2 to boot into your computer. Typically, you have to press F12 at boot and select a boot medium.
  4. When you see Panda logo with two options “Live” and “Live (failsafe)”, select Live using up-down arrow keys and press Enter. If it fails to boot (on older computers it does), restart from step 2 and this time select “Live (failsafe)”.Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue Disk
  5. Select a language from the list. It shows only two languages English and Spanish.
  6. After a couple of minutes, Panda will ask you to reboot the computer and that the scanning will continue after reboot. Remove the bootable CD or USB drive and press Enter to reboot.Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue Disk
  7. At next boot, Windows will boot and then Panda Cloud Cleaner screen will appear. Click on Accept and Scan button to continue the scanning.Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue Disk

The process will download some extra files from the internet before the scanning is started, scan all the files on your hard drive, and then verify them over the cloud. If it detects malware, it will automatically remove it. Any malware-changed Windows settings will be restored to their default values too.

You can find more information about Panda Cloud Cleaner Rescue Disk from https://www.pandasecurity.com/usa/support/card?id=1681.