Clean Garbage Files in Windows with Open-Source Burnbytes

Burnbytes is an open-source junk cleaner application for Windows. It is designed after the look and features that are also offered by “now deprecated” Microsoft Disk Cleanup tool. Since the original Microsoft tool is now deprecated, chances are that it will no longer receive any updates. The open-source Burnbytes purports to fill the space left by the classic Disk Cleanup tool.

Burnbytes can be said to be a modified and updated version of the Disk Cleanup tool when it comes to the features. But it sports a much more modern user interface that reminds of the Storage Sense feature being offered in Windows 10 settings. Overall effect is that users have access to more features with a modern user interface.

Burnbytes is a stand alone portable tool. Just like the Microsoft classic, when you launch Burnbytes, it asks you to choose a disk drive that you want to analyze and clean. Once you have selected a drive, it will analyze that partition and finally display you all the junk files under various categories. If you want much more deep analysis and cleaning, then you have to run Burnbytes with administrator level access (right-click on Burnbytes.exe and choose Run as administrator).


Among all the categories of unnecessary and junk files, Burnbytes analyzes categories, such as Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Windows Error Reports, DirectX Shader Cache, Delivery Optimization Files, Device Drive Packages, Downloads, Language Resource Files, Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, Thumbnails etc. You can choose one or more of these categories and then click on the Clean selected files to start the cleaning process.

Burnbytes is a replica of the original Microsoft Disk Cleanup tool. Since Microsoft has declared the original tool as deprecated and no longer supports it, you can switch over to Burnbytes and get very similar cleaning features.

You can download Burnbytes from