Backup Saved Games with Game Backup Monitor

So you have been playing your favorite game all month and finally you have reached a level that can make your friends jealous. But when you wanted to show off to your friends about your game progress, you find out something happened to your game save files – all progress is lost. This can be a really traumatic experience for PC gamers when their saved game data is lost.

This is where a simple application called Game Backup Monitor comes in. It can automatically save the game save data for a number of games as soon as you finish playing those games. It monitors game processes and when they are no longer running, it makes a backup of the specific folders when those games usually save the user data. Whenever you want to restore the data, you can quickly restore the saved games from Game Backup Monitor interface.

Game Backup Monitor

The very first thing you have to do is configure games. You can download already configured files for hundreds of games from the internet but these have default configurations. You can also go through a game adding wizard where you have to select the game folder, game program file and the game save folder. Later you can modify these settings from the game manager window.

Game Backup Monitor

Once configured, you don’t have to anything. Game Backup Monitor keeps running in the background and monitors for any processes belonging to the games. When it detects a game, it wait for that game’s process to end (indicating that you have finished playing that game). After this, it automatically saves the saved game data from that game’s folder to a specific folder.

Game Backup Monitor

Game Backup Monitor is a life saver for PC gamers. It can save your game progress data automatically as soon as you finish playing a game. It is easy to configure and works great on both Windows and Linux systems.

You can download Game Backup Monitor from