How to Disable Windows 11 Automatic Updates

Sometimes the monthly updates released for Windows may cause problems. Then you have to roll back the updates and wait for the new updates. This is why some Windows users just disable the automatic updates and manually enable them when they are sure that the new updates are not causing any trouble.

We cannot disable automatic updates for Windows 11 from its settings as it allows only to delay the updates only for a few days. But we can disable the automatic updates using a number of other methods such as disabling it service.

Here is how you can disable the automatic updates on Windows 11:

  1. Press Win+R to open the Run dialog. In the Run dialog, type services.msc and press Enter. This will open the services management window for Windows 11.Windows 11 Disable Automatic Updates
  2. In the list of services find a service named Windows Update, right-click on it and then select Properties.Windows 11 Disable Automatic Updates
  3. In the properties window of the selected service, click on the Stop button to stop the service.
  4. From the Startup type list, select Disabled and then click on the OK button.Windows 11 Disable Automatic Updates
  5. This will effectively disable automatic updates for Windows 11. Now you can close all the windows that were opened during this process.

When automatic updates are disabled using this method, they can later be enabled using the exact same steps except by enabling the Windows Update service instead of disabling it. Even in the case of disabling it using these steps, Windows 11 can re-enable the service on its own using its Medic service which repairs anything that could be causing automatic updates from not working.

Another method of disabling the automatic updates is through the Windows 11 Debloater script. It is a PwoerShell script which can permanently disable or enable Windows updates. We can use it to disable the updates in Windows 11 for a few days or weeks.

Windows 11 Debloater

It is not recommended to disable the automatic updates completely for a long time. This will put your computer at risk as you will be running an outdated operating system in which vulnerabilities have not been patched.