AutoAudioRecorder : Record Any Sound on Windows PC

There are many situations which require recording of sound on a Windows PC. You may want to record the audio  for podcasts, interviews, or talk shows. You can also record the audio for capturing thoughts, ideas, or reminders quickly. If you are a teacher, then you can also think about recording lectures, meetings, or presentations for later review.

People who work in the music industry often have to record  musical instruments, vocals, or other audio for music production. Similarly, recording audio is necessary for creating some custom sound effects for videos, games, or other media.

No matter what the reason is, you can use a free software called AutoAudioRecorder. It is a portable Windows application that can record the audio from a Windows PC and save it as MP3 or WAV format. In its settings we can configure MP3 bitrate and sampling rate too.

AutoAudioRecorder records any sound that is being played on your Windows PC. If you are calling someone on Skype or Zoom, then it can record the whole conversation in audio format. You can also record the audio stream from livestreams or videos being played on your computer. It does not require a microphone for recording but you can configure a microphone recording as well.


The best thing about AutoAudioRecorder is that it can start or stop recording the audio automatically. We can configure its settings so that it can start recording as soon as any sound is played on your PC. Similarly, it can stop recording when the sound output on your PC become silent.

All things considered, AutoAudioRecorder is a very useful and productive tool to have for the Windows users. It is portable application and can automatically record the sounds from your PC. It does not require any external libraries to export the audio in the MP3 file format.

You can download AutoAudioRecorder from

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