Convert Text into Binary Format Easily with Online Tool

As we know that all the data on a memory storage device is ultimately stored in a series of 0’s and 1’s. This is called binary number format and consists of only ones and zeroes. In the binary code format every piece of data, whether it is text, images, or programs, is represented in the binary notation for the computer to process.

But since human beings cannot easily understand the binary data, it must be converted back into human readable format such as in the ASCII characters. If you want your text message to look more cryptic and mysterious, then you can convert your text into the binary format. Now when you send it to your friends, they will be perplexed and find it hard to understand. You can then explain your genius method of binary conversion to them.

There is an easy online tool that can take your text and convert it into the binary format. This tool allows not only the conversion of text into the binary format, but it also allows the conversion of the binary format back into the text. This way you can always find out the text hidden behind the binary format.

Gillmeister Text Converter

Using this tool is extremely easy. First of all you have to visit the “Text to binary converter” webpage (link of which can be found near the end of this article). You have to paste the text into the text area provided. Then you have to select one of the options for conversion – convert to binary, convert to binary (retain spaces), convert to binary (change spaces into line breaks), or convert binary to text.

After selecting one of these options, you can click on the Convert Text button. The converted text appears in the text area below the original text. There is also an option to copy the converted text to the clipboard.

You can visit for converting text to binary format easily.

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