Sandman : Puts Windows to Sleep Mode After a Set Time

If you have a desktop PC and you keep it running non-stop even when you are not using it for many hours, then you could be wasting a lot of energy. If you do not want to shutdown the computer completely and switch its power off, then you can put your Windows PC to the sleep mode.

Putting a Windows PC to sleep mode offers several benefits, primarily related to energy efficiency, convenience, and hardware longevity. Then sleep mode significantly reduces the power consumption compared to leaving the PC fully on. It keeps only essential components like RAM powered to maintain the current state.

In addition to saving the power consumption, the sleep mode is also easy on the hardware. Regularly powering a PC on and off can put strain on its components. Sleep mode can mitigate this by reducing the number of full power cycles.


If you are considering using the sleep mode for your Windows PC, then you can try using the Sandman tool. It is an open-source tool which makes it easy to put your PC to the sleep mode.

When launched, Sandman window shows some options which define how it will put the PC to the sleep mode. You can choose for how many minutes the user has been inactive before activating the sleep mode. If you have just woken the PC up from the sleep mode, you can prevent it from going back into the sleep mode for a set number of minutes.

We can also specify the processes that could be blocking the PC from going into the sleep mode. It comes with some of these processes already added to the list such as VLC Media Player, Steam games launcher, and Media Player Classic – HC.

Sandman is a really useful program to have for the Windows PC. With its help, we can set a PC to automatically go to the sleep mode. It helps not only save the power consumption but also improve the longevity of the hardware.

You can download Sandman from

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