Vovsoft Compare Two Lists : Fast List Comparison Tool for PC

There are many reasons for preparing lists of various items on a PC. For example, we might want to make a list of all the Christmas gifts that we sent to our friends and relatives. Similarly, we can prepare another list containing all the gifts that we received from others. These two lists could be very long and might contain the same items in them. The reason is simple – because you sent the same gift to others as you received from them.

If you want to cross check or compare these two lists manually, it will take some time and you might miss some items because of the well known human error. For comparing two lists much faster and more efficiently, we can use a tool called Vovsoft Compare Two Lists.

Like most of the other software from Vovsoft, Compare Two Lists is also available as a portable program. The user interface of Compare Two Lists contains two listboxes. We can use the buttons to open and load the list files in these list boxes. The list file is basically a plain text file containing one item on each of its lines.

Vovsoft Compare Two Lists

After loading both the lists, the ones that you want to compare, you can remove the duplicates from these lists. For removing the duplicate items from a list, you can simply click on the “Remove Duplicates” button under it. This can be done for both the lists before you actually begin the comparison.

For starting the comparison, we can click on the big “Compare” button. This shows us the results of the comparison in a new window. In this window three results are shown – items that are present in both the lists (intersection), items that are present only in the list number 1, and the items that are present in the list number 2 only.

Vovsoft Compare Two Lists

Compare Two Lists is a nice little tool that can quickly compare two lists of varied items. These lists could be very long but it completes the comparison in just a few seconds. We can even export the results into a TXT file.

You can download Vovsoft Compare Two Lists from https://vovsoft.com/software/compare-two-lists/.

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