CatLock : Cat Proof PC Keyboard Without Locking Windows

If you have a pet cat, then probably you already know that a cat can accidentally press keys on a PC keyboard. By using its little paws, a cat can potentially change settings or even cause data loss. Cats walking or sitting on keyboards can trigger various keyboard shortcuts, which might result in unintended actions. These accidental actions could include closing programs, deleting files, or modifying system settings. It is a good idea to keep your keyboard covered or out of reach when not in use to prevent any mishaps caused by curious pets.

However, many Windows users do not want to bother about covering the PC keyboard all the time. Similarly, many users do not like to lock the PC to prevent cats from using the keyboards. For them, there is an open-source program called CatLock. It can lock the keyboard easily using a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L.

After installing CatLock, it can be launched from its desktop shortcut. It is also set to be run automatically at the Windows startup. This way CatLock runs automatically as soon as you start your Windows PC. It places an icon in the notification area of the Windows desktop.


CatLock does not have any complicated settings. The only thing that can be changed is the opacity of the lock-screen overlay. This overlay appears on the screen when we lock the keyboard using CatLock through the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+L. We can change the opacity of this overlay from 5% to 90%.

Once you have locked the keyboard, you cannot use the keyboard. No matter which key you press, the Windows PC is not going to respond in any way. The only way to unlock keyboard is by clicking anywhere on the overlay.

CatLock is a useful application for all the Windows users who also have one or more cats. If you are using CatLock, your pets can play with your PC keyboard and you won’t have to worry about anything.

You can download CatLock from or

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