How to Translate Selected Text in Mozilla Firefox Browser

Internet gives everyone the freedom to browse the websites from all over the world. No matter where we are sitting in the world, we can access the newspaper sites from any country across the world. But many of these newspaper sites are in the local languages and we would need a translator for being able to read them.

Mozilla Firefox comes with an in-built translator that can translate the webpages in foreign languages automatically. Unlike some other web browsers, it does not depend on the cloud translation services. Instead it downloads the language translation models for offline translation. This way it does not record the webpages that you are going to translate in the Firefox web browser.

In the latest version of the Firefox web browser, version 128, they have added another translation related feature. Now the Firefox users can select any text on a webpage and choose to translate that selected text. This way users do not have translate the entire webpage.

Firefox Selected Text Translation

Using this new feature is very easy. First of all you have to open a website that is not in your local language set in the Firefox browser. Now you can select the text on that webpage that you want to translated. After making a text selection, you have to right-click on it and then select Translate Selection to English. Depending on your computer and Firefox settings, it may read your local language instead of “English” in the right-click menu.

Firefox Selected Text Translation

It takes a few seconds before the translation box appears on the screen, so you have to be patient. In this translation window, you can see the translation of the selected text. It automatically determines the source and destination languages, but we can manually change the both. We can copy the translated text to the clipboard. There is also an option to translate the full page.

If you have not already installed Firefox, you can download Firefox from

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