Author: Trisha

Biographical analysis shows human DNA.

Control Windows 7 Firewall

Although Windows 7 comes with a built-in firewall, it does not provide you with as many control features as a commercial firewall does. In addition, Windows firewall allows all the Microsoft programs, by default. But now you can control which programs Windows 7 gives network access and which kind of access is to be granted.

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Force enable Aero in Windows 7

You ran Windows 7 update adviser on your computer and it says that your graphics card cannot run Aero – the glass like interface of Windows 7? Worry no more, if you could run it in Windows Vista, you can run Aero in Windows 7 no matter what it says. After installing Windows 7, follow these instructions

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End a not-responding program in Windows 7

When a program does not respond to your clicks, its window does not come to the foreground, maximizes or minimizes and you see not responding in its title bar, then that program has frozen. All you have to do is terminate that program. If a program becomes frozen and does not respond, you can kill / terminate it using Task manager.

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