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Biographical analysis shows human DNA.

How to surf anonymously using a proxy

Few people know that when you visit a web site, your IP address is revealed to the web server. Your IP server is your internet identity over the internet. Also some ISP log the web sites you visit. You can hide your IP address from web servers and sites you visit from your ISP, using a web proxy.

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Create DVD with Windows DVD Maker

In Windows 7, there is a new tool called Windows DVD Maker. Using this you can create a DVD containing your pictures and video. This tool gives lots of options on the DVD menu styles. Windows DVD Maker creates a DVD compatible with PAL or NTSC format and can be played on any standard DVD player.

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Turn off search index in Windows 7

Windows 7 uses search index for searching the contents of your hard disk. This can significantly reduce the search time when you search for a file. But if a file is not indexed, and you try to search for it, then it will not display in the search results. You can turn off the search index so that you can search all the files on the hard disk.

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Use ClearType in Windows XP

By default, Windows XP does not use the ClearType technology to display the fonts and texts on screen. The ClearType technology makes the text more readable and smooth on the LCD monitors. The ClearType is installed when you install Internet Explorer 7 or 8 in Windows XP. But to use it in Windows GUI, you need another tool – ClearType Tuning Tool.

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