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Turn off Windows Location Provider in Windows 8

The Windows Location Provider feature in Windows allows applications to find your geographical location. This feature can make use of GPS hardware in your computer directly or it can make use of IP address resolution, Wi-Fi or cellphone tower triangulation methods to locate you geographically. Some people might find it invasion of privacy. If you want, then you can turn off the Windows Location Provider feature in Windows 8.

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How to Set Country or Region Location in Windows 7

Windows 7, like its predecessors, has a country or region setting which indicates the country you are residing in. In Windows 7, this setting is referred to as just Location. This setting can be used by many software programs and services to customize your experience to this country setting and provide you local information such as weather, news and entertainment based on this location setting. Usually, this setting is specified when you install Windows 7 but you can also change it later.

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