Disable spam filtering in Gmail

Google’s free email service – Gmail, filters all spam automatically and sends the spam to a folder labeled Spam. Gmail offers no settings to disable or enable this behavior. But you can disable the spam filtering using a filter trick as described in this article.

  1. Visit http://mail.google.com/ and login to your Gmail account.
  2. Go to Settings by clicking on Settings in the top-right corner as shown.

    Open Gmail settings

  3. In the Settings, select the Filter section and click on Create new filter.

    Gmail filter settings

  4. Type is:spam in the text field Has the words and click on Next Step button as shown.

    Filter settings Gmail

  5. You would see a message that is: is not recommended. Click OK to continue.

  6. In the next screen, select Never send it to Spam. Then click on Create Filter button.

    Create filter in Gmail

  7. That’s it. From now on, Gmail will not send any email that you receive to the Spam folder.