Filter adult results from Yahoo! search

Internet has become a thing of household and even younger kids now use search engines for finding out about items related to home work, fun games and pictures that they like. But there is always a possibility of finding offensive and explicit content in the search results of a search engine like Yahoo! search. Fortunately, you can use Yahoo! Safe Search to filter such results as explained in the steps below :

  1. Open main Yahoo! page and log in to any of your Yahoo! account (like Yahoo! email account). Although, it is not required that you login to Yahoo!, but if you do not log in to a Yahoo! account before changing the settings, then you will not be able to lock the settings.
  2. Open the main search page of Yahoo!
  3. Click on the Options → Preferences as shown in the picture

    Yahoo! SafeSearch

  4. On the Options page, scroll down to the Safe Search section and click on Edit as shown in the picture below

    Yahoo! SafeSearch

  5. On the Safe Search settings page, select the first option that says Filter out adult web, video and image results. Click on Lock SafeSearch checkbox. Finally, click on the Save button to save the settings.

    Yahoo! SafeSearch

That’s it. Now you can search Yahoo! safely without worrying about any offensive content appearing in the results.

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