How to sign up for free Yahoo! email

So you want to sign up for Yahoo! free email service? You can follow the steps in this article to sign up for free Yahoo! email :

  1. Open Yahoo! mail web site by clicking on this link :
  2. When Yahoo! mail web site opens up, click on the yellow button labeled Sign up for Yahoo! as shown.

    Sign up for Yahoo! Account

  3. On the next page, you will have to fill many fields. First of all fill your first and last name in the Name field. Select if you are male or female in the Gender field. Enter your date of birth in the Birthday field. Select the country you live in in the Country field. Enter your postal code (also called zip code) in the Postal Code field.

    Sign up for Yahoo! Account

  4. Next you have to select a user name, and password. This user name would be used when you tell someone your email address. For example, if you choose a username dbeauty, your email address would become

    Sign up for Yahoo! Account

    You can also choose the domain from,, or any regional domain address like After choosing the username and domain name, click on the button labeled Check to see if that email address is available. If an email address is not available try another or pick one from the suggestions that Yahoo! makes.

    Enter a good password and type it again to confirm. Remember this password because this would be used to sign in your email account. If you forget this email address, you will not be able to sign in to your account.

  5. Next you have to give an alternate email address that you must have previously. This email address is used in case you forget your login password. You also have to provide two questions and their answers that only you know. These are also used for the passwoed recovery in case you forget the login password.

    Sign up for Yahoo! Account

  6. Next you have to type in the captcha challenge code. Type the twisted code you see, in the text box. This is used to make sure you are a human being and not some script generating new email addresses automatically. If you find it difficult you can try a new code or you can hear the code and then type it. To hear the code, click on the button labeled Need audio assistance?. To try another code, click on the button labeled Try a new code. When you are done, click on the yellow button labeled Create My Account.

    Sign up for Yahoo! Account

  7. If all goes well, Yahoo! will tell you that your account is ready and show details of your newly created email account. There would a Continue button to take you to your email inbox page.

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