Test your internet speed

You feel you are not getting the same internet bandwidth speed as you are paying for? You can test your internet speed online to find out the real time download and upload internet bandwidth speed. To test your internet speed, follow these instructions :

Using DSLReports.com test

  1. Open your browser and browse to http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest?flash=1.
  2. You would see a many servers listed. Click on any of the server to continue the test.

    Test your Internet Speed

  3. After the test is over you would see the test results.

    Test your Internet Speed

Using Speedtest.net test

  1. Open your browser and browse to http://www.speedtest.net/.
  2. You would see a big green button labeled Begin Test. Click on it to continue the test.
  3. Select a server from one of hundredes of server locations. As oon as you select a server the test would begin.

    Test your Internet Speed

  4. It would show the ping time, download speed and upload speed of your internet connection when the test is finished.