Use uTorrent without installing

μTorrent is a popular open source bit-torrent client application. When you download μTorrent and run the downloaded file, the installation program starts. The default folder of installation is C:\Program Files\uTorrent. The setup also creates various shortcuts too on desktop and start menu. It appears that you cannot use it without installing first. But there is a trick that you can run the client application without installing it on your hard disk. This article describes the procedure of using μTorrent as a portable application :

  1. Download μTorrent from The downloaded file would be utorrent.exe.

    Use uTorrent without installing

  2. Copy the file to any folder. For example, C:\uTorrent.
  3. In the same folder, create an empty file named settings.dat. To do this, you can open Notepad. Select File → Save As. In the Save dialog, select file type as All files (*.*) and save the file in C:\uTorrent\.

    Use uTorrent without installing

  4. Now run the uTorrent.exe that you copied to folder C:\uTorrent. It would show Speed Guide settings dialog. Set all the options you want and click Use selected settings. Now you are ready to use μTorrent. Running it first time, would create some other setting files in the folder as shown

    Use uTorrent without installing

Now you can either keep using uTorrent from this folde (C:\uTorrent) or you can copy this folder to your USB pendrive and run μTorrent from any computer as a portable application. You do not have to install it.

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  1. Happened across this while searching for why uTorrent kept crashing during install after a fresh windows install. This worked! Thank you so much!

  2. I am not aloud to install anything.

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