Backup and restore using Windows Backup Utility

Windows XP Professional edition has a tool called Backup Utility using which you can make backups of files and later restore files from backups you made. You can even backup your entire system creating a recovery disk. You can follow the following general steps to use the Backup Utility

Backup your files

  1. Run Windows Backup Utlity from Start Menu → Programs → Accessories → System Tools → Backup. You can also run it from Start Menu → Run, typing ntbackup and pressing Enter. This would open Backup and Restore Wizard as shown in the picture, click Next to continue.

  2. In the next screen, choose Backup files and settings and click Next.
  3. Next choose what you want to backup. Third option from the top, All information on this computer can back up all the files and registry – a full backup. In most cases you would choose the last option – Let me choose what to backup as shown in the picture below :

  4. If you choose Let me choose what to backup, you would be presented with a screen where you can choose what folders to backup and whether you want to backup System State i.e., Windows’ registry. Make your selection and click Next
  5. Next choose a destination for the backup to save and also give the backup a meaningful name and click Next. The name of backup must always contain the date and time of backup so later you can know when this backup was created, readily by just looking at the file name.

  6. Click Finish to start backing up. The backup process would start. It might take from few minutes to few hours depending on how much data you are backing up.

Restoring from backup

  1. Run Backup and Restore wizard as told above and click Next to continue.
  2. Choose Restore files and settings and click Next.
  3. Choose a backup file from the list or browsw for a backup if its not in the list. Click Next.

  4. Click Finish to start restoring process.