Backup and restore Windows registry

Whenever you are making changes to Windows’ registry, either manually or through some software, its a nice idea to make a backup of registry. This little step can save you from lots of trouble in future, including from having to re-install Windows all over again. If something wrong happens you can restore Windows’ registry from the backup. There are many ways to backup and later restore Windows’ registry :

Using Registry Editor

  1. Open registry editor by opening, Start Menu → Run, typing regedit.exe and pressing Enter.
  2. Select the My Computer icon on the top of all hives. From file menu, select File → Export.
  3. Choose a location and file name, and click Save.

If you later want to restore from the backup, repeat the same steps with one exception : choose File → Import and open the file you saved as backup.


Download ERUNT from Run ERUNT. Choose a folder to save, check all options and click OK. You can later go to that folder and run ERDNT.EXE to restore registry from the backup.

Using System Restore

You can also use System Restore feature of Windows. When you create a System Restore point, it also backs up Windows’ registry. To start System Restore, go to Start Menu → Run, type rstrui.exe and press Enter. In the System Restore Wizard, click Create a Restore Point and follow the onscreen instructions to save your system (including registry) in a new restore point.

When later you want to restore from a backup, start System Restore and click on Restore my computer to an Earlier time and select the date on which you saved the restore point.