Change Windows Vista boot logo

When you turn on your computer, Windows shows an image – called the boot logo. Typically, it is a Microsoft logo image created by Microsoft. If you are bored with the dull Windows Vista boot logo, you can change it using the Vista Boot Logo Generator tool. You can download Windows Vista Boot Logo generator tool from here : VistaBootLogoGeneratorSetup.exe. After installing Vista Boot Logo generator, you can follow these steps to change your Windows Vista boot logo :

Note : You must have administrator credentials for changing Windows Vista boot logo. Some people have reported that it works only in SP1.

  1. Open the folder %windir%System32en-US and make a backup of the file winload.exe.mui.
  2. Start Vista Boot Logo Changer from the desktop shortcut or from Start Menu → Vista Boot Logo Generator.
  3. Click on the left browse button to select a 24-bit BMP logo file with 800×600 pixels resolution. Similarly, in the right side select a 24-bit BMP file with 1024×768 pixels resolution. This is shown in the following picture:

    Change Vista Boot Logo

  4. Select File → Save Boot Screen File as from the menu. Save the file in the folder %windirsystem32en-us as shown in the following picture:

    Change Vista Boot Logo

  5. Press Windows Key + R to open the Run dialog. In this dialog type msconfig and press Enter to start the MSConfig tool. In the MSConfig tool select No GUI boot and save settings by clicking Apply. This makes sure that 24-bit boot logo is loaded.

    Change Vista Boot Logo

  6. Restart your computer for changes to take effect.