Changing time format in Windows 7

For some weird reason when I installed Windows 7, the time shown at the bottom-right of my desktop window was in military time format. 5:00 PM was being shown as 17:00. I did not like it and found a way to change the time in 12 hour AM/PM format. You can also change the time format to your like, following these easy steps :

    Alternatively, you can open Control Panel, then Clock, Language and Region and then click on Region and Language as shown.

  1. This would open Region and Language window. Click on the Advanced button as shown.

  2. Some common time formats are shown below for 3:25:34 PM :

    Format Result
    h:mm tt 3:25 pm
    hh:mm tt 03:25 pm
    H:mm 15:25
    HH:mm 15:25
    h:mm:ss tt 3:25:34 pm
    hh:mm:ss tt 03:25:34 pm
    H:mm:ss 15:25:34
    HH:mm:ss 15:25:34
  3. Press OK to save the settings.

Note : You will have to change both short and long time formats, for the changes to reflect in the System Tray clock on the bottom-right of your desktop window.