Create password reset disk in Windows XP

If get to work with many computers with different passwords, which is true of you work at a computer related company, then you might forget login credentials of one or more computers. Don’t worry, Windows XP allows you to create a password reset disk, using which you can change the password of your account in case you forget it. Here is how :

Creating a “Password Reset” disk

  1. Insert a USB pendrive in one of your USB ports.
  2. Open Control Panel → User Accounts and select your account.
  3. On the left side menu under Related Tasks click on Prevent a forgotten password as shown in the image :

    Create Password Reset Disk in XP

  4. This would start a Forgotten Password Wizard. Click Next to continue.

    Create Password Reset Disk in XP

  5. In the next screen it would ask you to insert a blank formatted disk. Do so, if not already done and click Next. Then it would ask you to enter your current password. Enter your password and click Next. A password reset disk would be created. Click Next followed by Finish to close the wizard.

    Create Password Reset Disk in XP

  6. Keep this Password Reset in a safe place. Anyone possessing this disk can access and change your account’s password.

    Create Password Reset Disk in XP

Resetting your account’s password

When computer starts up it would ask you to enter username and password. Try entering a wrong password. A message would be shown about wrong password. It would have a button called Reset. Insert the Password Reset disk and click on Reset. Follow onscreen instructions to change your password.

Note that the option to Reset the password when you enter a wrong password at logon, appears only on a system on which you have created a Password Reset disk.