Deleting a user account from Windows XP

If you get an old computer with many user accounts you might wanna delete all user accounts except the one you want to use. Similarly, when you do not need a user account anymore, you want to delete it. To delete a user account in Windows XP you must be logged in as administrator and then follow the following steps:

Note : You must be logged in as an administrator for removing a user account.

  1. Open Control Panel → User Accounts.
  2. Select an account by clicking on it. If have received an old computer, choose one administrator account you want to keep for yourself and do not delete this administrator account. You can know if an account is administrator account by looking at the Computer Administrator is written below a user account as shown in this picture :

  3. In the next screen, click on Delete the account as shown in the following picture :

  4. Next screen will ask you whether you want to keep that user’s personal documents and files or you want to delete them. Click on the button labeled Keep files if you want to keep the files. Click on Delete files if you want to delete all the files belonging to that user. These files the files in that user’s Desktop settings and all files in that user’s My Documents folder.

  5. Finally click on the button labeled Delete account in the final dialog as shown below :