Install recovery console in Windows XP

Most people know how to use Recovery Console after booting from a Windows XP CD. But few people know that you can install Recovery Console on your hard disk. When you do so, the option for booting into Recovery Console will appear when Windows XP starts. The following procedure explains how to install Recovery Console on hard disk :

  1. Insert Windows XP CD in your CD drive. In this article, we would assume that your CD drive letter is D:
  2. Open Start Menu → Run, type D:i386winnt32.exe /cmdcons and press Enter. In the case of Windows XP x64 Edition, type D:amd64winnt32.exe /cmdcons.

    This would ask you if you want to install Recovery Console. Answer Yes.

  3. The setup would download updated files from the internet and proceed with the setup.

    If you do not have internet access choose to skip updating as shown in the image below :

  4. The setup would be completed in few seconds. After the setup is finished, you will be notified by the following message:

  5. When you restart the computer, you would see in the Boot Menu, an option for Recovery Console.