Windows Vista – God Mode feature

Windows enthusiasts have found a hidden feature in Windows 7 (which also works in Windows Vista). They have renamed it the Windows’ God Mode. It lets the users access all the settings of Windows from a single folder. It works in all versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. But some 64 bit Windows user have complained that it may cause the system to crash. This is how to use this ‘God Mode’ feature :

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  1. Right-click on an empty space on your desktop and select New → Folder.
  2. Windows will create a new folder. You have to rename the folder. Select the newly created folder, press F2, then type the name of the folder as:
  3. As soon as you rename the folder, the folder icon change into icon of control panel. When you double click the folder to open it, you would find dozens of settings listed. You can control everything in the Windows from right here.

God Mode in Windows Vista

As you can see, on my computer it shows 254 settings for Windows in the same place. This makes it easy to change or modify settings. You no longer have to hunt down for changing a particular feature setting in Windows.