Burn ISO images in Windows 7

An ISO image is a file in which a CD/DVD disc image is saved. You can use it to burn the data exactly it was on the originating CD/DVD. You can also use some virtual CD/DVD tools like Daemon Tools to load it straight in Windows. It is very common for the Linux community to distribute Linux software in form CD and DVD ISO images.

Previously, a Windows user had to download and install third party tools like ImgBurn to burn an ISO image to a blank CD or DVD. But Windows 7 has native support for the ISO images. Here is how you can burn an ISO image to a blank CD or DVD media :

  1. Insert an appropriate blank media in the CD/DVD drive. If the ISO file size more than 700MB then insert a blank DVD. If the ISO file size is less than or equal to 700MB, then you can use a blank CD. Please note that some blank CD can contain slightly more than 700MB of data.
  2. Discard any AutoPlay dialog that popups.
  3. Double click on the ISO image file. You would see a window of Windows Disc Image Burner as shown in the picture:

  4. If you more than one optical drives, then select your correct optical drive (if not already selected). You can also choose to have the disc verified after the burning. Verification is useful and confirms that the data was burned correctly without any errors. However it may take twice the time in the whole process if you choose to verify te disc burning. Click Burn when you are ready.
  5. After you click Burn, it would start burning and then verification process. When done, it would show that the disck was burned successfully as shown in the following picture :

  6. Click Close button to close the Windows Disc Image Burner window.

While the Windows Disc Image Burner program included in Windows 7 provides with the basic feature of burning a CD/DVD image to a blank media, it does not provide with advanced control features like at what speed the data would be burned etc.