Add gadgets to sidebar in Windows Vista

Windows Vista has a Windows Sidebar which has various gadgets inside it. By default, Windows Vista has three gadgets pre-added – Clock, Slideshow, Feed Headlines. If you want to add other gadgets then you can follow the steps given in this article.

  1. If your Windows Sidebar is not running you can run it from Start Menu → All Programs → Accessories → Windows Sidebar. You can also run the Windows Sidebar, by pressing Windows Key + R, typing sidebar.exe and pressing Enter.

  2. Right click anywhere in an empty space (where there is no gadget) on the sidebar and select Add Gadgets.
  3. Alternatively, you can also right-click on the Windows Sidebar icon in the system tray and select Add Gadgets,

    As an another alternative, you can click on the plus sign on the top of the Windows Sidebar,

  4. You would see a Desktop Gadget Gallery which shows a number of gadgets to choose from

  5. Double click on a gadget to add it to the sidebar.

If you want to know how to remove a gadget in the Windows Sidebar, then you can read this article : how to remove a gadget from the Windows Sidebar in Windows Vista.