Block a program in Windows 7 Firewall

You may want to block a program from accessing the internet in the Windows Firewall. For example, whenever you run a program with digital signatures, Windows Explorer (explorer.exe) accesses the internet to verify the signatures. This can be very annoying. You can block it in the Windows Firewall using the steps shown below :

  1. Press the key combination Windows logo key + R to open the Run dialog.
  2. Type wf.msc in the Run dialog and press Enter. This would open the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window.
  3. Click on the Outbound Rules in the left side menu in the Windows Firewall window as shown,

  4. Click on the New Rule… on the right side menu as shown,

  5. In the New Outbound Rule Wizard, select Program in Rule Type window and click Next,

  6. In the Program window, either manaully type the full path and file name of the program you want to block, or click on the Browse button to browse the program file. Click Next to continue.

  7. In the Action window, select Block the connection and click Next,

  8. In the Profile window, select all options and click Next,

  9. In the Name window, give a name to the new rule like Block Explorer.exe and click Finish,


  1. If more people did instructions as easy as this, the world would be a place with much LESS frustration 😀
    Thanks alot for the superb manual, easy to understand steps and for using your time to aid us <3

  2. This was uber helpful. I have a program that insists on opening a new tab and taking me to another website… now I can block them, until they change or add a new address or add new routing info. thanks

  3. OMG Yes thank you so much!! Now I can prevent stupid synapse from replacing my nostromo legacy drivers in the next update

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