Detailed error using ErrorZilla Plus in Firefox

When you try to visit a web site in Mozilla Firefox and for some reason site is unavailable or down, then you get a simple error page which does not convery much information. But you can install ErrorZilla Plus add on in Mozilla Firefox which would give you more information and options in such a case. Here is how :

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and visit this web page :
  2. Click on the big green Add to Firefox button as shown in the picture. Follow on screen instructions to install the add on. Restart the Mozilla Firefox when prompted.

  3. After Mozilla Firefox is restarted, you are ready to use the ErrorZilla add on.

When you stumple upon a non working web site address, the ErrorZilla Plus add on shows a page like this :

The ErrorZilla Plus error information page includes various options :

  • Google Cache (view the page cached by Google)
  • Coralize (use Coral CDN proxy to connect again)
  • Wayback (view an earlier version of this page)
  • Ping (use a server to ping the target server)
  • Trace (trace the network route from you to the server)
  • Whois (look up who owns the website)
  • Proxify (use your custom web proxy to connect)