How to use Google as a Calculator

Google is the number one search engine in the whole world. Everybody uses it to search information and web sites etc. But very few people can use it as a calculator. Here is how you can use Google as a calculator :

Basic arithmatic

Visit Type and term in search box you want to evaluate. For example, 5 + 5 and press Enter. You would see the result as shown below.

You can use a number of usual expressions to get your results as listed in this table :

Expression Meaning Example
a + b addition of a and b 5 + 5
a – b subtract b from a 5 – 5
a * b multiply a and b 5 * 5
a / b divide a by b 5 / 5
a ^ b ab 5 ^ 5
a % of b a percent of b 5 % of 5
a mod b modulo (divide a by b and return remainder) 5 mod 5
ath root of b find ath root of b 4th root of 256

Advanced mathematics

If you want to evaluate expressions containing advanced mathematicals terms like trigonometric expressions, logarithmic functions etc., then you have to type in special terms as shown in the following picture :

You can find more details about the advanced mathematical expressions on this page :


You can use Google to convert units of length, volume and currency etc. For example, I have a friend living in Tokyo, Japan and I want to tell her the Yen (Japanese currency) equivalent od 100 US Dollars. All I have to do is to type in Google 100 USD in Yen and it will perform the conversion for me as shown :

You can even combine two different units in an expressions, for example, 2 meters + 3 feet. The result would be displayed in the first unit. For more information about Google Calculator, you can visit the following links :